January 10, 2016

Shop With Me

I'm bored.

I know the semester just started, but with only four courses (most of which don't require heavy essay writing), I find myself - probably for the first time in all my years of university - sitting at my desk with nothing to do. I've finished all my homework, completed my weekly job search, spent hours catching up with Kingsley, watched award-nominated movies, surfed the web, and published a blog post. And yet I still have hours left in the day. Being the kind of person who likes to remain busy, my mind starts thinking of what I can possibly do next. Read a book? Skype some friends? Find the cure for cancer? 

Aha! Of course. I can go shopping.

I had been meaning to go to the mall last semester, but schoolwork always got in the way. Now with significantly more time on my hands and uncharacteristically warm weather, I decided to make the trip out to window shop. The last time I took actual pictures of the things I tried on was back in May, so let's get another round of my ever-classy change room selfies. Come shop with me!

Forever 21

Those who know me will notice I'm rarely, if ever, in a crop top. But that doesn't mean I'm against these abbreviated pieces. I liked the long sleeves on this cut-out crop top I found, but as you can see, it's a size too big for me. As are the shorts, which I picked up for their porcelain print (love!).

Fringe is everywhere this season, especially on skirts. I had high hopes for this fringed number, but the strings hit below the knee, making it too overwhelming on my shorter frame. This skirt was also a size too big, although I don't think the proper size would have made much of a difference in this case.

For yet another instance of something being too big (story of my shopping life), here is a dress I took off the rack for its pretty illusion neckline. I had to pull up the chest area for the photo, and the skirt was so ill-fitting it wasn't worth including in the photo.

A grey turtleneck maxi dress. I instantly thought of cool, trendy street style gals when I saw this. Once I put it on, I also started getting visions of Kim Kardashian. Of course, I lack the voluptuous curves of Kim K, but I imagine throwing on a pair of grungy shoes and round shades, and emulating the hip ladies of Fashion Week. Surprisingly, this was my favourite piece out of everything I tried on.

Edit: Love that I'm almost twinning with YouTuber Marzia Bisognin (ie. CutiePieMarzia) in one of her lookbook videos!


I really adore lace inserts on dresses, but I felt a bit mature in this piece from Guess. For something more age appropriate, I think the dress could have benefited from being either sleeveless or shorter (having both might make it tacky). The sleeves also needed to be better fitting, although I did like the design on the torso.


Another fringed skirt, but this time in asymmetrical suede - just to amp up the trend factor. I also happened to grab a button-up in a great floral pattern with matching bordeaux tones. While I wouldn't actually pair the pieces up like this for an outfit, this was an efficient way to show them both off. The top fit really well, although the quality of the fabric gave me pause. The skirt, while cool, looked awkward and overwhelming on my short legs. I find I can rarely pull off such dramatic asymmetry, but perhaps what I needed was a pair of heels. Either way, I can imagine someone tall and modelesque wearing this skirt really well.


  1. I love crop tops! They're basically my life right now, ahaha. And I also really like your grey minidress turtleneck. Perfect for looking stylish in the winter months <3

  2. skinny mini pretty!