March 18, 2017

Bienvenue à La Maison

This week, Québec-based retailer Simons (La Maison Simons) opened its doors to my city. My friend and I met up to check out the grand opening, which soon turned into one of my favourite activities: trying on dresses. But before I get into some of the dresses I tried on (not all were photo-worthy), let's talk about Simons.

My early exposure to Simons was through my friends. I have a friend (in a different city) who likes shopping there, and another who bought a dress there while in Québec. My first encounter came when I passed by the store during my grad trip in Montréal. Walking through the store, however, I was underwhelmed. The clothing appeared quite basic, reminding me of a watered down version of Hudson's Bay. Nonetheless, I was still looking forward to seeing what Simons would have to offer in my own city.

After exploring the four-story department store this week, I do have a better impression of Simons than before. But to say it is a good impression would be wrong. It caters to what I consider the suburban professional mom. Khaki capris, flowy floral tops, and blazers in various solid colours. The majority of clothing in the store is of poor quality, with a selection of better quality mid-priced items, and one section of incredibly unique, quirky high-end pieces (Leotard with floor-length cape? Yes, please). Despairingly, the shoe and handbag departments were tiny and mediocre. On the bright side though, I was impressed with the offerings in the home section, the decently-priced café, and the two floors dedicated to a wide range of men's clothing. Simons will offer some unique selection for our local market, but overall, I'm left with little reason to shop there.

Though as you know, that doesn't stop me from trying on their clothing.

Twik Floral Choker Dress

What's a huge trend right now? Chokers. And honestly, I'm digging it. So I tried on this dress with the popular choker + v-neck combo. The body of the dress was shapeless, but I appreciated the neckline and the floral print. Definitely going to try copying the trend with one of my own low-cut tops and a ribbon around my neck.

TFNC London Golden Belt Dress

There really isn't anything groundbreaking or special about this dress - I'm just a fan of Grecian styles. This ended up being the only dress that fit me properly, so in that sense it looked flattering. The only thing I would change is how the gold band in the front turns into a black bow belt in the back. I would much prefer a gold waist all around.

Twik Pretty Ruffles Dress

So I didn't realize the straps on this dress were adjustable, hence why it hung so low on my body. My friend tried this dress on with the straps adjusted, and the off-shoulder ruffles did look a lot better. I liked the colour and feminine neckline of this dress, but the cheaply-made body ruined the silhouette. (Interesting to note: the model on the Simons website wears this dress as a regular spaghetti strap, and not an off-shoulder.)

ICÔNE Flower Embroidery Sheer Maxi Dress

And finally, on to my favourite (and more expensive) dress of the day. Not only did I love the sheer white chantilly lace, I adored how there were shorts underneath the skirt. Practical and flirty. The ruffled sleeves were also an ethereal, elegant touch. As for up top, I would certainly need another layer, unless I were to commit to the true fashion life of using double-sided tape to keep deep, risqué v-necks in place. But as my friend suggested, a bandeau would suffice.

Image Source: Daily Hive


  1. Dang girl the last dress is hoooo-weeeeee! Do I hear wedding bells in the distance??