July 12, 2020

Product Review: Tissardi

I've always had more of an affinity for shoes than handbags. Regretfully, when I look at my collection of purses, I see this neglect quite clearly. I rotate between a selection of crossbody mini-bags (not practical), a studded faux-leather backpack (starting to fall apart) and a shoulder bag (bad for posture). What I feel like I've been missing is a larger crossbody bag that will enable me to carry my essentials around relatively comfortably and hands-free. 

As a result, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity by Tissardi to review its designer-inspired Santio Leather Saddle Bag. Tissardi is an online shop offering affordable access to fashion and luxury products inspired by the most emblematic brands.

The Santio comes in seven colours and two sizes. I picked out the medium size bag in red.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the genuine cowhide leather. I was afraid it would come with a stiff sheen, but the leather is smooth, matte and satisfying to the touch—definitely this bag's winning feature. The cherry red colour is also true to what is advertised on the website, and is a fantastic hue to complement the bold shape. My only concern is the hardware appears to be plated in a slightly duller brushed gold, and while it is hefty, it will likely be the first area to show wear and tear, especially if constantly rubbing against the lobster clasps on the shoulder straps. Brighter, more solid gold hardware would have further elevated the well-constructed leather.

Dress: Marie Saint Pierre | Tights: Unknown | Handbag: Tissardi

In terms of functionality, I adore that not one, but two, adjustable and removable crossbody shoulder straps are included: one in leather and one in fabric with metal medallions. This kind of versatility is exactly what a modern woman needs! Additionally, an outer pocket with a magnetic closure along the back of the handbag is convenient for slipping a phone into when in a rush and/or for easy access. A head's up though, the unique saddle shape will pose some limitations in terms of what you can carry. Although I selected the medium size, this purse carries only slightly more than my usual mini-bags. But if you're curious whether the slanted bottom will cause items to slide down to the corner, rest assured the design is narrow enough for something like a wallet or a pair of sunglasses to stay put inside the shorter edge.

Overall, I am happy with the look of this Tissardi bag and will definitely be using it to fill the gap in my purse collection. The impressive quality of leather and stitching build a firm foundation for the shape, colour and cheeky hardware to make an utterly fashionable statement.


Handbag courtesy of Tissardi in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I like crossbody bags too and always use them. I love the style of this bag and the color too.