February 14, 2021

I Found The One

Dear Donna, 

The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were The One. 

Spirits of the universe had their hand in guiding our paths that day, taking care to cross our steps in perfect harmony. What else could explain how I went back to Winners to exchange a pair of shoes I had bought only the day before? A little voice in my head told me to go exchange those shoes for a different colour—and only because of that did we meet. 

You were not there the day before; you must have been freshly brought out onto the racks for your debut that morning. And I am certain had I visited Winners any later in the day, you would have been gone, whisked away by one of the many others I saw ogling you from a distance. But I got to you first, and once I did, I vowed to never let go. 

Shimmering with effervescent energy, you looked divine. Your metallic blue finish lent you such a dazzling glam-rock vibe, while your classic motorcycle cutting grounded you as an investment piece. Your shiny silver hardware, branded with your logo and family name, LAMARQUE (I've always adored French), spoke to your earnest attention to detail. The only one of your kind in the store that day, it was a miracle you came in my size, fitting me like a missing puzzle piece. So luxurious and tender, your lamb leather touch, and at only $90 (down from a retail price of $725), you expected so little in return for your genuineness. There are others out there who demand even more of me, yet upon acquaintance, reveal their faux personas. With you in my arms, I wonder why I would have ever spent all those years desperately searching—why I would have contemplated any other leather jacket—when you were waiting for me at the end of the line. 

My dear, beautiful Donna, till death do us part, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

With love,

Image source: Anthropologie