September 28, 2010

Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2011 RTW

The colour black seems to have an indisputable reputation for slimming elegance and perfection.  As chic as black may be, I myself gravitate towards colour.  Colour - whether bold, pastel, or jewel toned - tends to give life to an outfit in a way black cannot.  To my delightful surprise, Giorgio Armani managed to create a stunning collection using nothing else but black and navy.

Armani's theme for this collection was the night sky over the Sahara, which explains the dark, night-time hues, as well as the head wraps and the tribal-like jewelery.  But don't think design was lost to the lack of eye-grabbing colour; Armani easily kept us riveted with exceptional tailoring and structural excellence.  Carefully constructed frills and voluminous fabric stood away from the body:
Whereas clean jackets and skirts layered over slim pants streamlined the silhouette.
And for evening, Armani dazzled us with crystals and sequins in what can only be described as stars in the night sky.
Not only was this collection elegant, it proved to me that black can trump even the brightest star.

Watch the entire show here:

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