November 6, 2010

Louis Vuitton Beauté

Headed over to Holt Renfrew again today to help a friend pick up her Louis Vuitton bag.  Having gone just last week, you can imagine my surprise when I walked in to see the entire store transformed for the holidays.  A pianist was playing Christmas songs, mannequins were draped in Lanvin, Christmas decorations adorned the entire store, and apple cider was being served by a girl in a stunning party dress.  The atmosphere was alive and joyful, and I felt like a child on Christmas Eve.  Boy, do I ever love going to Holt Renfrew.

But anyway, back to the bag.  What I have for you this time is the Louis Vuitton Beauté.  It has a textured monogram with a calfskin leather flap:

However luxurious the materials, this bag is just not catching my fancy.  While the hardware is quite nice (there's a lock underneath the flap, and the keys are inside that pouch in the front), I don't find the textured monogram in this case to be very attractive.  What do you think?

Image Source: Louis Vuitton


  1. I like the shape, but something about the material is throwing me off...

    Love Grace.

  2. I don't like in general monogram but this bag (as I told here, ) is very special.

    Jacobs went out from the classic vuitton style and went on the way that he started the last year with the Irene bag.

    In the end, I rally love this bag that I think it's one of the most interesting and beautiful, maybe the only one, models where the monogram is nice!!!

  3. Hello there, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Its always nice to hear from a follow blogger. On the bag,I have to agree with Grace, love the shape but not the pattern. Hope to hear from you again :)

  4. It is a beautiful bag, just not my type either!! Not digging the shape,but a HUGE LV fan, of course!


  5. I'm not a fan of this bag myself. The shape is a bit awkward in my opinion. :/

  6. That bag is amazing. Beautiful.
    Fashion Ranger

  7. @E: I totally agree that this is not classic Vuitton style (and dare I say, better?). And I do like how the monogram is subtle and barely noticeable. But the texture is really throwing me off.

    @M and Cafe Fashionista: After carrying the bag, I must agree the shape doesn't quite work. It's very wide and looks a bit awkward when held against the body.

  8. I don't like the shape that much. I feel like if it was a clutch it would be prettier :)


  9. I love Christmas, I'd like to see photos of the decoration of the store. I like the bag but I dont love it

  10. Ugh, i hate how all of these luxe designers put their logo all over EVERYTHING. I refuse to be a walking billboard so I won't buy them.

  11. I don't generally like the logo all over the bag, but this one is actually better then many other LV bags (in my opinion). The shape of the bag is a little tricky though.
    However, I liked the part where you "helped your friend to pick it up"=D What a great (and fun!) favor=)
    Thanks for visiting me!

  12. Its nice to see an LV bag with the monogram slightly less garish.

    I agree that the shape is a little awkward but the structure is nice for a work bag.

  13. Love the bag!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Please follow!


  14. I'm not to keen on it either. But to be honest, the whole LV thing just doesn't do it for me.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  15. I've never been a Louis girl, I don't really like their monogram, my louis wallet is in Damier canvas and my only louis bag is really subtle as well. The proportion of the bag is quite impractical and the over all look of the patent/treated calf skin is a little cheap to be honest. Also the chain and lock idea is so much better on Hermes and Mulberry bags.

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my dresses.

  16. It's not my favorite design either!


  17. It's not my favorite LV. Thanks for visiting us!

  18. I actually really like it. I love shape and color.

  19. I love this bag. I think it's gorgeous!

  20. @clickonstyles: Unfortunately, I have no photos! If I did, I would show them for sure!

    @Antonia: It was a fun favour! Even though the bag is not for me, a girl can pretend, hm? I'd volunteer to help my friend in a heartbeat.

  21. I will take a Louis Vuitton any time.

    PS: I agree with your comment about celebrities turned designer. That is the way it goes sometimes.