January 4, 2011

Bon Chic, Bon Genre

Over the summer, I became a writer for a youth magazine, and it was just recently that my first article for the magazine was published.  I got the job of writing about the top five grad trends for 2011.  After getting information and doing an interview with two bridal stores, I have narrowed it down for everyone!  Even though the majority of you have already gone through prom, these trends work for evening wear in general as well.  For those of you who are graduating this year (me!), keep these trends in mind when you go looking for that perfect prom dress.  All dresses shown are BCBG Max Azria.

Shining Star: The easiest way to glam up any dress is to add a bit of shine.  Sequined party dresses, metallic cocktail dresses and dresses with jewel detailing embody the hottest grad trend this year.

What a Jewel: Step away from the basic black and white dresses, and take your pick between emeralds, amethysts, rubies or sapphires. With a jewel toned dress, no other forms of jewels are necessary, so hold back on the accessories.

Back View: While the front of a dress is what everyone will see first, the back of a dress leaves the lasting impression.  Dresses this year were just as captivating from the back as they were from the front, thanks to criss-crossing straps and low backs.

One or None: Strapless and one-shouldered dresses were on trend last year, and show absolutely no signs of backing off this year.  Strapless dresses were most commonly seen with sweetheart necklines, whereas one-shouldered dresses came in a wide variety of styles.

Classic Column: When looking for a classic grad dress, nothing beats the clean lines of a slim, column gown.

If you're graduating this year, congratulations!  And if you graduated years ago, then I hope this brings back good memories.

Image Source: Bcbg.com


  1. LOOOVE the floor length white dress


  2. I was literary thisclose to buying that blue dress (6th picture)...until I convinced myself as much as I want the dress I really don't have an occasion to wear it to and it would just sitting in my closet. I still covert that dress though...I want it bad!!! great picks Angelica....love it!

  3. I love the idea of a unique back to a dress! It is something unexpected and really sets a dress apart! I also love the blue strapless dress. What a great collection of ideas & appropriate trends...great job!


  4. The second dress is adorable! Love the maxi dresses too. :)

  5. Love the 6th dress too!

  6. Wow ! dream dresses !

  7. This year I am on a mission to find a long column dress for the summer, and I love the ones you have featured here!


  8. these dresses are really festive! great choices! happy new year sweetie!

  9. I accepted the award, check it on my blog :) Thank you once again!
    XOXO Lidia

  10. Are these dresses all from BCBG?? They look really sophisticated to be only dresses of a young line ....

    However I love them and I find the last one really chic . Beautiful post and I'm dying to see what you wrote on that magazine (maybe you coudl psot it, because I'm not so sure that i can find, in Italy, a magazine of your country...)


  11. congrats on getting published girl!! xo



  12. I love all the dresses you chose from BCBG! My favorite ones are the black dress with the beautiful back and of course, the pink gown! So pretty! It will good amazing and flattering on any girl! I never had prom because my school didn't celebrate one but I wish they did! xoxoxoxo

  13. That's great for you about the writing job ;) BCBG is one of my faves. Nice dresses XOXO

  14. What an information packed post! OMGoodness, congratulations on being a writer for a youth magazine ... that's fabulous! And what great information you give them! (ps love that last multi-colored BCBG!!!) By the way, thanks for your sweet comment on the blog &, as usual, I left you a little note for next time you're by!" Kisses!

  15. This is such a great post! Congrats on becoming a writer for a magazine! I love this post all the gowns are so amazing! I like the last one!
    Check out my blog:

  16. I use to love BCBG, I had quiet a few of their decorated tops and slips but I feel like I've out grown them in a way so now I'm nore into Herve leger which is also by Max. Hope you've had a great holiday season, I'm back to blogging.

    Thanks for the comment

  17. Such a nice presentation! And thank you so much for your kind comment, I'm feeling a bit better now. I hope you have a nice day sweetie.

    Love Iben

  18. Congrats babe :) You will be amazing - lookign from your post and your writing skills you will go far! I lvoe tose dresses - can I have them all? lol!
    Hope NY started well :) xxx

  19. Let's shine!!!

    I love all the dresses. Very good post.

    Kisses from Brazil*


  20. @stylemefab: I do believe you mean the 5th picture? The 6th picture is the purple dress. That blue dress is so beautiful, and I can completely understand why you would be iffy about buying it, yet at the same time pine after it!

    @styleonthecouch: Be sure to show us if you find one!

    @E: Yes, all of these are from BCBG. In fact, I was surprised too that a label like BCBG was able to create these great dresses. And if it is possible, I will try to give you a look at my article (it's mostly the same wording though), because I am 100% sure you will not find it in Italy! ;)

    @angelaseeangelablog: Herve Leger is more appropriate for those slightly beyond their teenage years, and I find the dresses for that label to always be extremely sexy. However, Herve Leger tends to produce the same silhouette season after season, and even though I am aware that bandage dresses are its signature, it would be nice to shake things up.

    @Justyna: Thank you so much for that encouraging comment! And if I could, I would grab all these dresses off the hook and run away! ;)

  21. awesome dresses. love them all, they all have separate personalities

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  22. My favourite tittle: "what a jewel" I love the first red dress and the second blue one!

    Lovely post!

    See you!

  23. That's so cool that you wrote an article for a magazine! You could totally be a writer for a big style mag in a few years if you wanted. Hmmm prom is a few years away for me, but I do have my middle school graduation this June. A lot of these are lovely but too elegant for that, but I do like the one-shoulder look!

  24. The last dress is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

    I adore it...

    love your blog girl


  25. These are great grad trends. I'm a recent grad, so this is useful. I love pieces with intresting back detailing.

  26. i seriously don't think I could pick my fave! they are all so cute :)

  27. @Dahl: Thank you! But my writing skills are far from astounding. When I read articles in Vogue, I just can't help but be in awe at the writers' amazing ability to play with words. I can only hope to write like that one day. And yes, a lot of these dresses might be a bit too elegant for your graduation, but hope you enjoyed it!

  28. Oh, nice! I like the last dress <3

  29. Oh boy...prom and those memories. I remember after prom was over, everyone was like "Why'd we all make such a big deal?" LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess