January 29, 2011

Valentino Spring 2011 Couture

With the direction that Valentino has been going lately, I have come to expect bows, ruffles and sheer fabric.  Every collection follows those guidelines, and I can almost imagine what a collection will be like before it even comes out.  This would be the opportune moment to say that Valentino is stuck in a rut, but I won't say that.  It may be true, but because I love romanticism so much, I will never get tired of bows, ruffles, and sheer fabric.  I love every Valentino show despite all of them being similar.  However, I did find some new elements that Piccioli and Chiuri were toying around with, such as tiny cutouts and a bit of sparkle:
The middle part of the show contained an infusion of ruffles in what seemed more Valentino ready-to-wear than couture:
But the couture came back in the most lightweight, almost non-existent dresses I've seen go down Valentino's runway.  The ethereal, fairy-like quality of these dresses can only be understood by seeing the way they floated gracefully on the body:
So while I have a feeling many people were not overjoyed about this collection, I thought it was yet again beautiful in Valentino's now well-established soft, feminine way.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. Hmm, I wasn't completely blown away by this collection, but there are a few looks that I liked.

  2. I'm a romantic too, so I love these light, airy, magical flowing gowns and dresses. Ooh the ruffles in the middle are lovely, although I agree, they don't seem quite couture. And the gowns at the end are fantastic,they truly do seem like fairy clothes!

  3. Valentino really knows how to create beautiful and chic gowns! I really want the first one, it's in one word: WOW

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  4. I love the nude color in this collection, very nice and femenine, I'm not crazy about it but is cute :)

    See you!

  5. Maybe you know this thing but I don't like this shows. I think that Chiur and Piccioli had a great beginning but now they are really boring and a lot of people are not so happy of their work.. If I look back to the Valentino garavani couture shows and I make a comparison with this..Ok it's so obvious the answer.

    However if you like so much romanticism, it's clear why you love the collection ;)


  6. I am in 2 minds about the collection, I really think it didnt have the impact and drama of a couture show but loved the airiness of the dresses, some of them looked like they were just floating down the runway.

  7. Wow, there are a lot of deep thoughts and meaningful discussion on this post. Unfortunately, I have zero knowledge about couture or Valentino collection to make any sensible comments.

    I just want to say that you don't sound like an average teenager and I am very impressed by the fact that even you write for a fashion magazine.


  8. gorgeous and so romantic !

  9. WOW, you're right! Those ruffle and sheer fabric dresses look sooo feminine and romantic:) im loving it and i agree, it all seems so fairy tale like.

    i've never really noticed Valentino's collections so great post for me!:) i learn something everyday about fashion and thats what i love about readin these great fashion blogs like yours! Keep it going girl!:D

    Hope ur havin a fab weekend!


  10. i absolutely love the nude color palette!


  11. I don't need to tell you that I'm in love with everything from this collection, do I? I agreed with you that some of the looks are more ready-wear than couture (sharp observation by the way!) but I see dresses that has a lot of intricate details but looks like they don't "exist" and almost disappearing on the body. I love this new Valentino's romanticism! xoxoxoxoo

  12. The tenth look is my absolute favorite; I am just obsessed with the victorian/gothic vibe of it! :)

  13. I love the 4th look a lot, but they all look like they're made for fairies or something, so soft...so pretty, flowing and effortless. I love this aesthetic and fashion to me is not always about cutting edge and shocking people, sometimes it is just about looking beautiful and embracing it. :)

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  14. I love the mix of opinions here about this collection!

    @E: Yes, they did have a relatively strong beginning, but they are plateauing. And I definitely agree that they have yet to compare to the couture Valentino used to have. Even though I do love what they do, I think it would be good for the label to experiment a bit more.

    @Shannon: That's a great way of putting it. I think the drama was not there partly because you've come to expect this from Valentino.

    @Squeeze the Pug: No problem! My blog's open to whatever type of fashionista you might be, and I know not everyone follows the runway. And thank you, but I don't actually write for a fashion magazine. I am simply a fashion writer for a youth magazine.

    @cinzee: Thank you, and I'm glad you discovered Valentino! Not sure if you'll continue to enjoy the label's vision, but at least you'll know!

    @Fashion Cappuccino: Nope, I had a hunch you would! And thank you...it just seemed during the middle that I was watching a RTW show, but the airy dresses sure make up for it!

    @Tashin: Exactly! I love both types of fashion, and I think both have a place in the industry.

  15. Gorgeous!! these are everything I want from spring, I wishing spring is here

  16. Very nice! I actually like Valentino, I think it's been quite underrated, though.

  17. every piece is sooo beautiful! i just love all the soft colors esp the silk dress!! thanks love for sharing this :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  18. I really like the first two in the more ready-to-wear section. Love how the fabric looks so delicate.


  19. absolutely, by far, my most favorite fashion house at the moment! beyond chic!

  20. I do love the romantic feel of this collection. Typically I do not love such muted tones (probably b/c I look horrible in them), but I found these to be lovely. The 4th one down is my favorite.

  21. Valentino is the real fucking deal this spring.

    Great post. Like always. I've to admit something. Your blog is top notch.
    Fashion Ranger

  22. love the colors and of course, the materials, tissues and the glamour in all the dresses! fantastic Valentino!!



  23. Wow amazing collection, love the third look :D x

  24. fantastic!!!


  25. I love the more simple shapes in the romantic colours with little bits of texture on them. I think it was a lovely collection, very pretty- it might not have been anything really new, but it looked good. Thankyou for your comment on my blog!

  26. Is nude color the new black??, I noticed more than 50% of the runway collections had this color. I like it, but I kinda feel not many people can pull this color.

  27. Oh wow, these are all so beautiful. Makes me wish I could afford Valentino! I love all the layers and the unique shapes.

  28. @Fashion Ranger: Haha! Thank you, and you have a wonderful blog yourself.

    @stylemefab: From what I've been seeing, it sure might be! Although for spring, I think bright colours are getting more attention than neutrals this year.

  29. You know, it didn't seem to be received too well, and maybe I missed the red, but I also loved the nudes and the sheer in some of it. Despite it being couture I felt it was a collection that I could truly take inspiration from.


  30. Another lovely post about a fashion-show. Please do the Ralph Lauren S/S11 runway show! :)

    Love the blog overall! Especially the latest added photos, they had a slight part of sexiness around them.



  31. I absolutely adore Valentino's collection, the way he manages to bring the romantic touch with the flowers and colours while he never over do it and still keeps the pureness in his clothes is really an inspiration.

    Love the way you comment each post which is something I have to work on

    //Swedish Fashionista

  32. All those dresses are to die for! Absolutely beautiful. Following your blog now!

    XO, Liza and Jewls