April 21, 2011

Sister and Brother

I'm not usually overly excited about celebrity labels, and The Row by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is no exception.  However, a dress from their younger line, Elizabeth and James, has caught my eye:
I saw this silk dress in Holt Renfrew, and it features laser cut holes, which were what drew me towards the dress in the first place.  The detailing comes not from embellishment or prints, but from tiny holes.  By literally removing pieces of the dress, you end up getting more out of it.
With a wide collar, kimono sleeves, a delicate strap framing the cowl back, and a button closure at the waist that subtly gathers the fabric, this is one easy breezy summer dress that goes heavy on the style quotient.

Image Source: Shopbop


  1. What an innovative idea--to cut away pieces of the dress in order to get more out of it, as you put it. While I like the concept I'm not crazy over this dress. It's a pretty color but it seems kind of limp, like it's hanging there with no purpose. It's also disproportionately short. The back design is a nice idea, but the extra draping takes away from the minimalism of the single strand of fabric. Gosh I'm totally trash-talking this dress, it's still pretty just not my cup of tea! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  2. love this dress. great little details. and that mint color is fabulous! i'm really into that color right now!


  3. it's beautiful. I would def wear it.


  4. Wow! Despite the fact that I'm a huge Elizabeth and James fan, I hadn't seen this dress yet - love it! The detailing is just stunning! :)

  5. I agree with you about celebrity clothes brand and I think that only Victoria Beckham is making interesting collections....even if I'm not so sure she is really the "designer" which designs her line.

    BTW, this dress is nice but honestly is not really on my style and looks a bit old. But maybe it's my fault that I'm looking everytime for something new and sometimes I avoid to pay attention only about the beauty and forget everything else.


  6. that's a very pretty dress, very cool for summer and i love the soft tone of the color. curious what the waist looks like, is it a belt of elastic?, also i am curious about the layers,how the inner and outer dress work....

    PS check out the full Kate Moss editorial, I take back my "safe" comment and i totally agree with you. http://stylemefab.onsugar.com/Magazine-Vogue-15894621

  7. You know I really like this dress. I love the length and the back detail. Pretty!


  8. In love.. very simple dress but full of glamour! Also I like those shoes1



  9. this is simple yet you're right, easy breezy for the weather coming here soon! I would love to wear this dress!=)it is very comfortable, but not with the high heels for me=)

  10. Very elegant! Have a Happy Easter XOXO

  11. I'm in love with the Row by the Olsen twins! The dress is so beautiful in its simplicity but edgy with the laser cut holes! Unfortunately, it's not really my style though. I want my dresses to have a little bit of a body-con feel. Wishing you a great weekend Angelica! :-) xoxoxoo

  12. Not sure if I love the fit of the dress but the hole bunched fabric is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the comment!

  13. I am loving that dress. It looks so easy to wear. Perfect for summer. :)SArahD

  14. this is a gorgeous dress.I love the holes!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  15. I love Elizabeth and James. Everything I've seen mk and a design is beautiful!

  16. Wow, i've never noticed the Olsen's sister's collections but i gotta say, this is a winner!!

    And spot on about "removing pieces of the dress, you end up getting more out of it" - the style is so simple, stylish, and great for a breezy summer!!!!


  17. great post hun!

    thanks for the comment...

    ps. I would like to invite you to my first giveaway!


  18. Perfect dress for the summer!!!!
    The sisters has made awesome pieces since the begining Elizabeth and James, and i really enjoy this label way more than The Row (not too fan hehe).

    Love your blog!! xoxo


  19. These cute dress catch my eyes too, is amazing.

  20. Yes, what a beautiful dress ! I love the loose and the holes that are a sort of modern lace !

  21. That dress needs every single bit of excited-ment it gets, it's so pretty! The fabric in combination with the drapery shape in combination with the detailing just makes it so perfect!
    Thanks for visiting!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  22. @Dahl: Don't worry about it! When everyone says they like something I feature, that's when I start to wonder! ;) Anyway, I can totally see what you mean about the shape and length, and yes, those holes are innovative.

    @E: Me too! I think Beckham is the best out there, and while I haven't put thought into whether she is actively involved in the design process, in the end, nothing beats a real designer label.

    @stylemefab: I actually didn't get the chance to really look at the construction of the dress. But from what I've found online, the waist is achieved through a button closure (not exactly sure how that works though). As for the layers, I can only gather as much as you can from the photo! I'd love to check it out, but the dress seems to have gone from the racks already!

    @psclausen: I too prefer this label over The Row, even though I'm not a die-hard fan of Elizabeth and James. This dress just happened to catch my eye.

    @lady selenite: Modern lace...that is interesting! I have been seeing this idea of modern lace more and more.

  23. I adore this dress. I haev a few things by Elizabeth and James (aka the Olsens) and have really liked them. The Row is a bit much for me to pay but this looks like a sound investment!

  24. I love that dress..so girly and cute! but cna be style in so many different ways ;) Great choice dear! x