June 24, 2011

Versace for H&M

This news is a couple days late, but it's news worth sharing.  After the hugely successful Lanvin for H&M collaboration, there were rumours of Tom Ford being the next one up.  However, it has just been confirmed that Versace is set to collaborate with H&M for their Fall 2011 collection, ready to debut November 17, 2011 (a quick thanks to my fashion friend for notifying me!).

While H&M has had numerous fabulous collaborations, this specific collaboration I hold dear to my heart.  The very first fashion show that I watched, the collection that jump started my love affair with fashion, was Versace Spring 2008 RTW.  I was captivated by the glamour and colours of the collection, so much that I fell in love with fashion, and never looked back.

Even though over the seasons, other designers have become favourites as my fashion knowledge becomes more diverse, I never miss out on a Versace collection.  I may not always love each collection as much as that special Spring 2008 collection, but I always look forward to seeing what Versace comes up with next.

So with this collaboration, I finally get to see Versace done at a cheaper price range.  I'm expecting all of Versace's signature no holds barred sex appeal and glamour, with colours, prints and body-con looks galore.

First it was Lanvin, now it's Versace.  I must say, whenever I think of H&M...be still my beating heart.

Image Source: H&M, Fashion Foie Gras, Stylespelledbackwards


  1. That will be huge! Im sure that everything will be perfect :)

    See you!

  2. I am swooning over the announcement of this collab - SO EXCITING!! :)

  3. this is an absolutely fantastic idea, and OMG...i squeeled when i read this. I can`t wait and i am so hoping I at least score 1 item, but it will just madness when this collection goes on sale.

  4. omg, thanks for the info!!! I didnt know about this collaboration!!! im already soo excited about this!!!

    Hope u have a great wkend ahead!:)


  5. This is very interesting! I've always loved H & M, but now on my list of "why I like H & M?" it also adds this point!

    Kiss Mich!

    Visit my blog, if you like!

  6. Oh my goodness! I didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing the news! This is so exciting, I only wish it would arrive sooner. I will be sure to check it out when the collection is unveiled! H&M rocks. http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  7. The H&M and designer collaboration sure seems to be a successful formula for the brand. I remember when it did its collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld in 2002. I was a freshman in college studying Fashion Communications and that was all we talked about. The Stella McCartney collaboration was another one we discussed endlessly but that was in 2005.
    Anyways I am pretty anxious about Versace and H&M teaming up. It is going to be unbelievable.

  8. Since I don't have H & M where I live, I'm actually tempted to move to a place where I can buy this entire collection! I love Versace because you can always tell who the Versace girl is and the sexiness of their dresses are my favorite part of their design asthetic! I think this time, it will be even more crazier than Lanvin! xoxoxoo

  9. I think it will be fantastic !

  10. When I heard this thing i was very very happy, I love Donatella and her aesthethic, her "vision of versace"...I'm really curious to see how she will "combine" her style with the spirit of H&M.

    By the way, I must say that I don't like and i don't appreciate when high fashion (or important brands...) meets commercial brands but H&M is making a wonderful work everytime (since Rei Kawakubo and Viktor & Rolf to, as you said, Elbaz). So, I really hope that Ford realize this collaboration :D


  11. I was gonna post this, you beat me to it!. I'm thrilled for this but still hope Tom Ford collaborates. Love him! XOXO

  12. Good news in your post!. I love Tom Ford and Versace desings, so I hope his colaboration are as successful as the previus. XX. Yoana

  13. NO WAY! hadn't heard about this!!! thanks for sharing!



  14. so excited for this collection! xx

  15. I'm sure this will be a huge success (although unlike in the U.S., there aren't any huge queues or masses of people for these collaborations. The Lanvin stuff actually ended up going on sale here). I'm not a huge Versace fan and I'm definitely wary of how those studded leather dresses will look when done cheaply, but I like the print dress in the last shot. I saw the preveiw video for this and I know Donatella wants to focus more on the rock vibe. I'm also very curious about the homeware selection they'll be doing.

  16. @Madeleine: I wish I was interested in fashion back in 2002! The Karl Lagerfeld collection must have been highly anticipated, and I would have loved to be a part of all the excitement.

    @E...: You of all people I know would love to see a Tom Ford collaboration. Who knows, it could very well happen!

    @Haute World: That is definitely something to take into account. I do have visions of cheaply done clothing veering on the tacky, but considering the past collaborations, I trust that H&M and Donatella will work to make it both cheap and chic.