June 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

My latest trip to Holt Renfrew involved helping my friend pick up - not a handbag this time - but nine items of clothing (she's a bit of a spender).  Currently, Holt Renfrew is having their Summer Sale, and they have racks of shoes included in this sale.  I took this as the perfect opportunity to try on shoes I could only dream of owning.  In total, I tried on six pairs of shoes, but the following three, I think, are worth talking about.

First up is the Gucci Kelis Platform in purple.  The moment I saw it, I was head over heels.  I loved the Spring/Summer 2011 Gucci collection, and the fact that this is straight off the runway had me giddy in lust.  As well, the deep purple velvet pairs glamorously with the gold python in true Gucci style.

Verdict:  As hot as these shoes are, they're only meant for admiring.  The heel is much too high and dainty for me to handle, and with two thin straps holding my foot in, walking was far from easy (how do models do it??).  Despite its impracticality, the shoe looked fairly good from all angles when I was standing, especially from behind.  These straight-from-the-runway heels might be best left on the runway, but trying them on was priceless.

Up second is the Valentino Mesh Floral Sandal in black.  I first saw this pair of heels in a magazine, and when I saw it in Holt Renfrew, I was reminded of why I love Valentino so much.  The label's wispy, ethereal femininity is translated through the mesh, floral appliqué and lace-up back ankle strap.

Verdict: This shoe is as beautiful on the rack as it is when it's worn.  I was afraid that the appliquéd front would be overwhelming and heavy on the foot, but the mesh, delicate peep toe and open heel ensure that the shoe remains light.  While the lacing at the back makes putting on the shoe take more time than I would like, it's the details that count.  Height-wise, this shoe was much easier to walk in than the Gucci's, and out of all the shoes I tried on, the Valentino's are the ones I would actually buy if I had the money (and the appropriate occasion).

Lastly is the Givenchy Gold Toe Ballet Flat.  This pair of shoes wasn't on sale, but what caught my eye was obviously the gold metal toe.  It's industrial, but altogether very glamorous, and I like the contrast between the hard metal toe and the soft blush pink.
Verdict: There's not much that can go wrong with a pair of flats, and the metal toe adds a nice tough-glam touch.  It's a unique pair of flats, and you can rest assured you won't see look-a-likes on the streets.  The back of the shoe did scratch my foot, but that can probably be fixed with proper sizing.  However, while there's no risk of stubbing your toes, accidentally scuffing the metal toe just might make your heart break a little inside.

To finish off my shopping trip, I popped some chocolates from the front desk in my mouth, and grabbed my complimentary pretzel and old fashioned bottle of root beer.  Anyone who doesn't dare step foot in Holt Renfrew simply because it's expensive doesn't know what they're missing.

Image Source: Gucci, Valentino, Givenchy


  1. the purple Gucci is on my wish list!!!great post :)

  2. Love all of the shoes! I agree on the first shoes ... LOVE the purple and the look of them, but they do look pretty uncomfortable and would have you kicking them off under the table before you knew it!

    Thanks for commenting at Ooh La Frou Frou, sweetie. As usual, left you a little luv note there at:


  3. Wow! my favourite are the first shoes! a totally guilty pleasure!
    But definitely the best option for me (a normal girl) are those lovely flats, the color is incredible and the metallic tip is even better :)

    See you!

  4. omg!! those Valentino heels..make me drool..

  5. Wow I love all of the shoes! Especially the Valentino's, the flower detailing is gorgeous. And the ballet flats are really nice too
    Thanks for visiting!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  6. shoes are very lovley looks nice

    this very nice post


  7. Wow, the Valentino's are simple stunning! I think I just want to buy it and admire it like it's a piece of art! The flats are gorgeous too! I really like the metallic detail! xoxoxoo

  8. I am OBSESSED with the heel on those Gucci's. Gorg! :)

  9. I love them all! I think the Valentino's would be my pick if budget weren't an issue;) They are just stunning and not totally insensible because it seems you can wear them!

  10. Hi doll! Just discovered your blog. :)

    Each of these are so stunning, but I think I'd have to go with the Valentino's. Love the flats, but I'm not so much a flats girl.



  11. Such a beautiful selection, difficult to decide.
    My choice is the Gucci's heels, uncomfortable but so divine...:.Yoana

  12. The givenchy flats are not veyr itneresting for me and as flats I prefer Lanvin's ones. BTW, Valentino and Gucci's models are very cool and I do like especially the Gucci's ones....I love that shoes since I've seen them for the first time on Net-a-porter :D


  13. <3 shoes shoes shoes!!



  14. I would beat someone up for those Gucci's!!!

  15. OMG I love the Gucci Kelis Platforms!!!


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  18. these are all so beautiful, but i would have such a hard time buying these expensive shoes! i can see why you liked them though!


  19. I was thinking of you and the blog today! I love the sandals, but you're right, the toes of those flats would be *destroyed* in days... Talk to you later?


  20. @E...: I have come to know that you always prefer Lanvin flats over any other label. I admire their simplicity, but I have yet to try a pair on. Lanvin's reputation for flats is well known, so I should probably try one on sometime!

    @Anonymous (Elaine): Elaine!! I'm so happy to hear from you! It's been a year since we've hung out! Aw, so sweet you were thinking of me...I was seriously going to email you! Yes, talk later, for sure!