July 6, 2011

Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture

As I sat down to begin my review of Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture, I couldn't help but think back to when I was writing my Spring 2011 Couture review.  On that day, I was elated that couture week was starting, and I was eager to let John Galliano take me on another sensational couture experience.  The images of the re-imagined New Look are still vividly embedded in my mind in what I described in my review as "haute couture at its absolute finest".  In fact, I remember every Dior couture show I have ever seen, and even after all this time, they still manage to take my breath away.

This Dior show, however, is different.  Bill Gaytten, who has taken control of the collection, gave us a fun collection, but it unfortunately went astray.  Although it's difficult to pinpoint, the theme of the collection seemed to be a Dior circus/disco party.  As theatrical as Dior couture shows can get, taking inspiration from a circus is something extremely difficult to pull off, and better left undone.  It all started off with cotton candy colours and geometric shapes that were interestingly similar to either patterns found on a clown suit, or pieces of candy.  All this was plastered onto the classic Dior silhouette of a cinched waist, and it just seemed a bit crazy.
Then came probably the most well executed part of the collection.  There were floaty wisps of feminine charm, glamorized with paillettes and strokes of shine.  It may not have entirely hit the mark, but it was a fairly good try.
But the show then veered off-course into a seventies throwback.  There were maxi dresses and wide, cape-like bell sleeves in a melange of gorgeous colours, but when shown right in the middle of a couture show, it can look extremely tacky.
And, as any couture show, out came the gowns.  Initially, the gowns would have gotten my approval, if it were not for the bizarre styling.  There was a touch of astronomy in shooting stars and moon headpieces, a hat reminiscent of Napoleon, and finally, to somewhat round it all off, a clown hat.
At the very end, Karlie Kloss (who didn't open the show this time), looked forlornly up towards the stars, quite possibly looking for the lost master of Dior.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. such a disasterrr, does not even look like Dior, even if it wasn't supposed to be designed for a Dior collction, it would still be hideous. He showed no restraint whatsoever in the design, just pulled out all the stops everywhere. and the whole collection clearly lacked any sort of direction or flow. Karlie Kloss is about the only thing that makes this collection look remotely like Dior. Galliano has to come back.


  2. I thought this Dior show was all over the place to be honest and I couldn't find anything I love, except some of the gowns. I feel like Galliano has developed such a signature style with his collections and it's hard to see this collection without him. I hope he comes back although I don't think Dior will hire him back no matter what. It's sad, really. xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh interesting, but I think is too much, maybe just some details.
    But I enjoyed watching to some of my favourite models!

    Hey! Im sorry for my comment and the "bras number" I'm still trying to practice my grammar and reading ;)

    See you!

  4. Hmm I see what you mean about all over the place. The first few pieces look like they came from the napkin-design at a child's birthday party. I really dislike the middle pieces and the end 70's looks are totally unrelated to the rest of the collection! A few pieces here and there look quite remarkable, but the overall feel of the collection is crazy and too thrown-together. http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  5. That is some crazy wacky stuff for couture collection! what's with the moon head pieces? i find those real funny! but i must say, the clown lookalike kinda got to me! love their vibrant colored make up at least,lol


  6. In someways it's hideous, but in others i find it inspiring. It's very versatile and for me that's what i look for on the catwalk, ideas and imagination. I love the 80's thing they've got going on in the beginning, and then the sequins.

    I'm liking your blog, maybe we could follow each other?


  7. to tell you the truth i didn't like it that much.most of the looks were not even interesting but i have to admit that the pastel dresses were really good :)

  8. I'm all for sacking Galliano (his behavior is unacceptable), but you're right, this show really was an absolute mess

  9. WHOA! Those head pieces are CRAZY!!!!



  10. the pieces are REALLY nice on their own, but the whole collection just doesn't feel like its got the flow...

  11. I kinda like it....I dont think it the best they could have done(certainly Galliano could have done so much better) but I think its great under the circumstances. Hope the next one will be better.

    PS: sorry for not showing up lately, life is kicking my arse!!

  12. AH AMAZING REVIEW. TOTALLY BANG ON. Like someone said above, the collection doesn't feel all that... collectiony. The pieces are undoubtedly beautiful, but the execution of the entire thing... meh.

    That being said, I would kill to own one of those cotton-candy dresses. So fun.


  13. not the best collection, but there are bits and pieces that i do like.

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  15. whoaaaa these are amazing! I wonder how they got those giant shapes to stay on!


  16. I wasn't a huge fan. And it's not just because I'm biased towards Galliano - I would have given anyone a chance, since Couture isn't the easiest thing to master. There was no coherent theme and though one or two looks were ok, the entire thing just looked way to costumey and garish. I guarantee that if some of these had been presented at Project Runway, the designer would have been sent home.

  17. Your analysis is right on. There are so many things here that could have worked....but just didn't because of the styling. I find all the geometric prints and colors from the first photos a bit jarring. Everything seems a bit miss-matched. There's always next season!

  18. I love the graphic and colored dresses http://selenite.weebly.com

  19. I didn't like any of the first outfits but those last few--wow, I was actually very impressed. The dresses and headpieces seemed almost burlesque-y, which I like, and there was a real sense of fun about them. Pity the models look so miserable.

  20. woooww those are all very cool dresses and looks!

  21. Interesting collection of dresses and styles, I read about this when it showed, and I think the peachy dresses that appeared halfway through were the best. The 70s/psychedelic (?) dresses were just awful though. Karlie Kloss may indeed have been saying a prayer for the fashion house at the end too, sadly.