July 4, 2011

I've got a secret

Due to the blogging break that I took for my exams, I have a long list of posts lined up that are a bit out of date.  Biggest event that happened during my exams was the opening of a Victoria's Secret, which caused a frenzy of excitement.  I was lucky enough to score a $100 gift card to Victoria's Secret as they were being passed out just outside my school one day.  So needless to say, I was extremely excited to get shopping!

What follows is going to be a frank talk about lingerie, and so if you're a guy, this might not interest you.  The moment I walked into the store, I had one goal in mind: to get as many bras in my size as possible.  Being very small (32A), it's difficult enough to find well-fitting bras, but I was also mainly looking for nude bras as those are the most versatile, which narrowed down the selection even more.  I ended up going into the change room with around 11 bras, and came out with only one that fit me well.  It was a cotton push-up bra that, to my luck, was also the cheapest bra out of the eleven.  With $100, I was able to buy four bras - one nude, one white, and two others for my mom.
When you go Victoria's Secret, you might as well go push-up.  But as I was trying on all 11 bras, I realized something about push-up bras: You still need something to push up.  It's not a miracle bra; it simply enhances what you already have.  Since I don't have much to push up, with the majority of push-up bras that I tried on, it ended up being a ridiculously padded bra that left inches of hollow space at the top.  And while one push-up bra did somewhat fit me, it made me look like I was going to tip over.  The cotton one that I bought has a subtle push-up that gives a little oomph, but still manages to look natural, and that's key.  Now if anyone asks, my secret is Victoria's Secret.

Image Source: Victoria's Secret


  1. Oh! Lucky you!! I could seriously drop so much money at Victoria's Secret...


  2. 11 new bras??
    Oh you were so lucky!
    Congratulations, Im sure that now you are happier :)

    See you!

  3. that's so great!!!even i am so excited for u,haha!lovely dear,i hope u enjoyed it.

  4. Hi lovey. My blackberry was able to do comments this time ... it's very tempermental, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and cannot figure it out! Anyway, bra-buying ... not fun! It's always difficult to find the perfect bra. Have always wanted to go to one of those places that specializes in finding the perfect bra for you ... have yet to do that! Thanks for stopping by Ooh La Frou Frou. Here's the link for your response if you'd like to check:


    See ya next week!

  5. I understand competely being the smaller busted lady myself. I will look into Victoria's Secret. I inherited most of my bras from my twin sister after she got her bust augmentation to a C cup. funny, sad, and true. Hey are you following MY blog yet?

  6. Cool you got a giftcard! And I also always have trouble finding bras! It's like hell man!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  7. I really love pretty bras, but I don't even think I properly fit into VS' 32As! At this point I just go for bandeau bras or just don't bother altogether

  8. LOVE this post! Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite shops! :)

  9. YOU GOT A 100$ GIFT CARD?? Woww I wish I was there that day when they passed out gift cards... Lucky you! And yeah, the push up bras at Vicctoria's secret are a little extreme, if you felt it, the bra is essentially 'solid', lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog heheh, ill be sure to check out your othe posts after work!


  10. wow, you're so lucky to have this gift card and yes VS is my favorite underwear! In fact that is my last shopping maybe for 3 mos bec I am putting my money for a house. I was kinda wondering if it's okay to post underwear reviews and thanks for giving me this idea bec I also took photos of them b4 wearing!=) I love this review a lot!