December 19, 2011

Walking on Air

Some of the greatest discoveries in the world were, and still are, made by accidents.  Just a couple of days ago, I was mindlessly searching the Internet for a profile picture I could use on my Skype account, when I happened to stumble upon this photo by Tim Walker:
I was instantly drawn to this dramatic, but very soft and ethereal photo.  There was something so captivating about the elaborate, winding staircase, leading you to any corner of your imagination, and the juxtaposition between the rustic, antique interior with the beautiful, romantic gown.  Yet the interiors still complemented the dress, thanks to the overall robin egg blue tinge.  And, in case you haven't noticed from my blog, my favourite colour combination is light blue and white, which can either be crisp and icy, or soft and feminine.  From this photo, I decided to learn more about Tim Walker, and this is where the surprising discovery came in.

Tim Walker is a British photographer who has been photographing for British, Italian and American Vogue for the past decade.  His photos first appeared in Vogue at the ripe, young age of 25.  In fact, I have no doubt you will recognize some of his work.  When I realized Tim Walker was behind some of the great fashion photos I've seen throughout the years, I felt as if I had finally found the last piece of the puzzle: I finally knew the master behind the photos.
Walker has an extremely distinct style.  His photos are often extravagant, romantic, surreal, whimsical, and incorporate oversized objects or an abundance of objects (he seems to enjoy working with balloons and ladders in his shoots).  Oftentimes he will play around with height to help create a truly magical world of fantasy.  There's almost always a fairytale aspect to his work, and he has a fantastic eye for colour.  Below are some of my favourites (my very favourite is still the first, winding staircase one), but go check out some more on your own!  It's impossible for me to show you all his brilliant photos.
My love for fashion has exposed me to many things, and I have come across so many talented artists  - some already established, some still emerging - simply by chance.  That's one thing I love about fashion.  No matter how long you work in the industry, you will never know everything.  That's right, Anna Wintour doesn't know everything about fashion, but that's exactly why she's still in it, and exactly why I am too.  It's a learning process, and in fashion, you never, ever stop learning.

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  1. I adore his work. There is something very magical about his photos.

  2. You made a great choice! Love love love the images! He has such a beautifully soft style. Thanks for stopping by Ooh La Frou Frou, darling ... left you a little note ;) xoxo ~

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
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  3. What an incredible post, Angelica! I am literally obsessed with Tim Walker's work. He is a true genius! :)

  4. Thank you for opening my eyes to the colorful and dramatic world of Mr. Walker- had no idea he was behind all these campaigns. Fashion 101 for the day, complete!

  5. I love this photographer ! his work is so poetic !!!

  6. I love Tim's work they all have the most gorgeous ethereal and fairytale-like quality to them.

    Thanks for the lovely comment, it's a shame we haven't interacted in ages. Still lovin' your blog
    New post: Tweed and teal

  7. I wanna thank you, first of all, because this post is really something usefull and from which I can lear. It made me know a new photographer of which I've ever admired his works (I was in love with that Dior pic and the one in which there is the champagne bottle but I didn't know who was the photographer) and I realize that there is at least another person in the whole world that thinks the same of me about fashion: your last sentences are maybe the most true thing that I've ever read....great post!

  8. Drool. These pictures are all absolutely incredible. I'd love to live in a fantasy land like this. It all looks so magical. My favorite is the fifth photo. That mist is hauntingly ethereal.


  9. Oh Tim Walker!~ I love his work too!!! I especially like his work with Juicy Couture:D

    His photography is soo skilled, creative, and captivates you the moment you see his ads!

    I didn't know he was the photographer behind the ior Cherie perfume ad too! i've always liked that balloon image and i've seen it around online a lot!:D

    Great post indeed!