February 28, 2012

Blumarine Fall/Winter 2012 RTW

In all my years of following fashion, never have I seen a show as horrible as this.  Lindsay Lohan's quick stint at Ungaro is comparable, but this, my fashion friends, makes Lohan's designs seem somewhat decent.  I hate to be mean because I have nothing against Blumarine and have never hated anything Anna Molinari has done.  Blumarine is bright, upbeat and fun, but Molinari always did it with class.  For Fall/Winter 2012, however, I'm just completely gobsmacked at the sucker punch she threw at us.  It knocked me out and now I can't see straight (although that could easily be caused by the blinding metallics and iridescent fabric).  One thing I do know for sure: let's hope nothing like this ever happens again.

The first couple looks were actually quite promising, with neon bright fur paired against stark white.  Strong looks which laid out the groundwork for a potentially good show.
What, exactly then, is making me wail in pain?  Precisely that Molinari thought it would be a good idea to introduce UGG-like boots which completely ruined the models' walks.  But I chalked it up to a minor mishap as she brought out metallic après-ski wear and some muted coats.
By now, even though I had forgiven Molinari for the slip, chances of me being impressed by this collection were slim.  And they became fully dashed when out came full silver metallic resembling bunches of tinfoil walking down the runway, and head-to-toe cheetah print (she's done full cheetah print before, but to much better results).
To my surprise, then progressed a couple of simple black gowns, but all hopes were again destroyed by the metallic snakeskin which followed.  And I would really love to know what is going on with those short shorts overtop leggings and those naval baring tops.  If I want to see Snooki-style, I'll watch Jersey Shore.  But that's exactly why I don't.
And here we are now at hip-hop/rocker girl gone wild.  Tacky, obnoxious and accessorized with pretentious hoop earrings.  I don't even think I need to explain what's wrong with this.
Finally, Molinari gave it one last kick with the evening gowns.  I felt like I was watching a high school prom, not the work of a respectable designer.
If you haven't got a headache by now, I applaud you, because I am not applauding this collection.  Surprisingly, this collection has been generally well-received by the online community for its upbeat optimism and cheeky message.  And don't get me wrong, I agree there is nothing wrong with a fun collection, but even fun collections can be done with a bit of structure and attention to good fashion (see: The Blondes).  Molinari had several fabulous pieces within her collection that she could have styled differently, but I stand firm on my opinion of this collection.  As a whole, I cringed more than I smiled.

Watch the entire show here.  It was the first time I ever considered not finishing a runway video.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. this collection has everything.neon colours,white,animal print,metallics...beautiful!

  2. Eeesh this collection has blinded me! It's too much. Too much of a bad thing, actually. Lol.

  3. LOL @ your comments.

    I actually love the silver and colors what I think was wrong was the use of tacky accessories, those humungous fur jackets and the way the outfits were styled. They could have been put together more classy but the stylist must have been on crack backstage. This is one line I have always loved. If the items are worn differently I'm sure they could work out for the most part. And yes, the jewelry was ugly and wrong!

  4. I use to love Bluemarine when Anna did a lot of chiffon, colourful but chic dresses but this was wayyyy OTT!

    New post:Birthday

  5. I was still considerate on the first group, they appeared to be mellow and quite normal...i think the colorful fur coats excited me because they are different..but down to the night gowns and the metallics...i kind of wonder if they are also wearable or washable or just temporary( you know like for concerts and halloweens)..the night gowns I'd be truthful are like the creations of an amateur..on the other hand, the rest of the colorful and metallics can probably pass for teenagers but how can they otherwise afford them unless their rich parents can..

  6. FINALLY! The hot pink fur coat I've always wanted! I sure hope it's faux or cruelty-free fur, and I sure hope I win the lottery or something so it can be mine! I seriously have been on the lookout for one of those for months now. I also adore all the crazy silver metallic stuff. Gorgeous.


  7. loving the bright neon colours!! Aimee

  8. Gah! What awesome metallics. I am seriously digging this collection! :)

  9. Completely agree not my favorite. These looks remind me of the girls I use to see at this tacky night club I went to in college. These girls had tasteless attire but thought they were the sh*@ ( excuse my language.)
    That is kind of how I feel about this collection..just too nightclub tacky for my taste.

  10. I am not sure about the first couple of furs. The first thought that came to mind was "Big bird", one would need some serious style to pull that off effortlessly. Love the rest especially the pieces in white and silver.


  11. Wow. I feel like I need to wash my eyes after this assault! I hadn't seen this, and probably could have gone without haha. Some items on their own might not be bad, but this just doesn't look polished at all (no pun intended).

  12. AHahah I lvoe so much you first sentence, I can't (and everyone with some fashion taste can't) disagree at all! I love, normally, Anna Molinari's looks for Blumarine and Blugirl but I think that in this collection she lost the essence of the brand and forgot what we expect and want from her. She just put some nonsense clothes together with weird colors and maybe some stupid starlet or girl is gonna wear this horrible, awful pieces!


    1. "She just put some nonsense clothes together with weird colors". Hahaha Edoardo, you could not have said it better!

  13. umm hello? i love your blog and your style of blogging you my dear you are fab and unique!
    to be honest i liked the very first look and a grey coat she featured but after a while i was :ohhhhhh my eyes, my eyes hurt.
    the metallic colors were so bright that my eyes were hurting,
    and that cheetah print with JEANS made me cringe.
    and what's up with those huge neon hoops?
    and the too flashy too pop kind of clothes, i can only imagine Katy Perry and Kesha wearing those

    1. Thank you Marianne! And yes, she sure did start off better than she ended. Watching the video, those hoop earrings were just so ridiculous...painful to watch. Although you're right, Katy Perry would sweep some of these pieces up. Nicki Minaj too!

  14. and the dresses oh God you are so right, they are so prom-ish