February 17, 2012

Rock that Mullet

I recently noticed a new trend circulating around certain stores in the mall, which I surprisingly discovered in a store called Sirens - yes, Sirens, the store that provides *ahem* highly glamorous and affordable party clothes to masses of teenage girls.  This trend is the mullet skirt:

For such an unfortunate name, the skirt itself is actually very feminine and pretty.  A mullet skirt is shorter in the front than it is in the back, and I was piqued by seeing this skirt in Sirens because for the 6 years I've been obsessed with fashion, not once have I seen such a skirt in fast fashion retail stores.  Maybe I've just never looked closely enough, but this is a good sign that stores like Sirens are realizing customers aren't going to settle for the same thing every season, and that more and more girls are looking for unique pieces.

The mullet skirt, like the sheer maxi skirt I posted about before, is a tantalizing mix of modesty and flirtation.  Mullet skirts are often done in sheer, wispy fabric, or littered delicately with pleating.  The length of the front and back vary, and generally, the more distance between them, the more drama.

Look for flowy mullet skirts, and not the ones which are made of stiff fabric.  You'll want there to be motion when you walk.  And look for interesting cuts: some mullet skirts may cut straight across in the front, some may curve downwards, and some may even open in a triangle.

When wearing a mullet skirt, avoid loose tops, and go for chunky shoes (although as you'll see below, classic pumps never fail!).  A mullet skirt frames your legs perfectly, so you'll want to knock everyone out with great shoes. 

Crop tops and jean jackets work well and give off a slight boho look, while leather jackets exploit the edgy-and-feminine trend.

I absolutely love this trend, and wouldn't hesitate at all to try it.  It's feminine and polished, and essentially one big contradiction.  From the front, you're ready to strut your stuff, but from the back, you're all about classy glamour.  And don't even get me started on the heavenly way in which the wind gently ruffles a mullet skirt. 

Who would have thought mullets would be in fashion again?  It's hardly surprising though.  You walk in teasing them with a bit of leg, and walk out with their eyes softly trailing behind you.

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  1. I enjoy the way you write, Angelica! Not only do you choose just the right photos, but you also deliver your thoughts and expertise with such eloquence (very you!). Keep the blog entries coming; I love how my tastes are often aligned with yours, but at the same time you introduce me to so many new ideas.

    1. Thank you Meng! It means a lot to know there are actually people who enjoy my random ramblings. Makes me even more motivated to blog. And glad to hear we have similar tastes! :)


  3. This skirt is really nice, I noticed lots of them in the New York Fashion Week and I'm sure we're gonna see heaps of these skirts also in London and Milano.


  4. I am still not sure about this trend. I prefer the ones that are a little longer in the front but I might be too short to pull this one off.

  5. Oh wow, lovely! I haven't seen this trend yet, but goodness I am adoring it all ready.

    I really love how this trend looks on taller gals...I am shorter so I'm not sure if I could pull it off. I'd love to give it a try though. That last look is way gorgeous!!

    Have a sweet weekend darlin gal! xx Marisa

  6. This is concisely explained, I love each lines you wrote, who knows too that I did not know they are called Mullet Skirts? This is so helpful for my knowledge, not only the facts but also the tips on how to wear them...it absolutely tempted me to get one for myself!

  7. Definitely an unfortunate name for such a lovely trend! I've seen some pretty ugly mullet dresses and skirts, but for the most part I love this trend.

  8. I am seriously starting to love this look - gorgeous selections! :)

  9. Love the photos you've found! Wasn't sure about this look, until I saw the skirts you've posted. Now I could DO those! Great tips, btw, as I think the secret is finding something with great lines, and flowy fabrics, and choosing the right shoes. Especially love the black one, and the black/white print one. If nothing else, they'd be fun for the summer.