April 13, 2012

Déjà Vu

That classic moment when you realize another girl is wearing the same dress as you at a swank party is basically, as it's commonly portrayed, the kiss of death.  And funnily enough, for once, TV producers aren't dramatizing the moment.  Sure, both girls are all smiles on the outside, but for every girl out there, there's always a split second of indignation.
When we invest so much time into finding that perfect dress, it's unsettling to see someone else wearing it.  That very personal connection you had with your dress is no longer as special as you thought it was.  Even with regular everyday clothes, there's instant tension when you see someone else "stealing" your style, or sporting the top you yourself love so much.  Just like what we want of our significant others, we want our clothes to be faithful to us too.
Yet deep down, we all know it's impossible.  Fashion is so massed produced nowadays there's almost no chance of having a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing.  If you like something, chances are there are other people who do too.  We just pray we'll never run them.  I've come across this problem several times myself - I've had to bear seeing my glasses, sunglasses and tops on other people.  Luckily, I have yet to bump into people with the same shoes.  Knowing the crazed love I have for my shoes, the day that happens will surely be the death of me.
Speaking of shoes, the beautifully studded Valentino heels that you see above were undoubtedly It shoes the season they came out.  I had first fallen in love with the flat version when I saw it on the runway.  The next thing I knew, they were on the feet of numerous esteemed fashion ladies.
Despite wearing the same Valentino shoes, all these women continue to be nothing less than showstopping.  In the end, it doesn't matter that someone else is wearing the same thing as you.  It all boils down to how you style and carry yourself.  But hey, let's just say I still prefer to live in my dream world where there's no such thing as clothing infidelity.

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  1. Ha! Luckily that has never happened to me at the same time but I know people who purchased items similar to myself.

    I love those shoes but the heels are too short for little me. XOXO

  2. Same dresses at event are only bad if only one of them looks good in it, Shakira and Pink both look great!

  3. love both those dresses! of shakira and pink!
    can't wait to see you on my blog again!

  4. Oh, I know this feeling. Like, at school I don't really mind, but at parties.... the other girl is going down if she's wearing the same as me. Yesterday I wore a Zara dress to a party, and I was so afraid somebody was going to show up wearing the same, and thank god I didn't see anyone!
    Btw, I love the Valentino's! And the ladies are indeed all wearing the shoes great, the looks are amazing

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  5. And as a response to your comment (yeah, I know this is a lot later than the first comment), but yes I did see Johnny Depp as a guitar-player for Marilyn Manson. And I don't really like Marilyn Manson, especially not live, but Johnny Depp was so hot... And I think it's so cool that he is like an amazing actor and guitar-player, he is great

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  6. Great post! This has happened to me before and i gotta say, i hated it! Its like im on the train on the way to work and the woman sitting opposite me is wearing the same top! but i live and i deal with it,lol...we just gotta accessorize and style it differently:)

    But i do love it when i see celebrities in the same outfit and the public vote on who wore it better. Kinda cruel i suppose but fun to see what others think.


  7. Those Valentino Shoes have been a favorite of mine since I first laid eyes on them, as well - I want both the flat and heeled versions!

    I think that, with shoes, sharing the same pair with another person is different than if you were wearing the same dress, as everyone styles shoes in a different way - as the people you pictured above have. Nevertheless, I do always feel more special when I know that I'm the only one wearing something. :P

  8. i do not like watching girls with clothes that i have in my wardrobe so i can not imagine having the same item on at the same time hahahaha great post!

  9. The first pictures are very funny !!!

  10. cool post! love these looks and im tempted to buy those shoes now haha



  11. Nice post :)

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  12. Actually I don't feel any negative feeling or something similar when there is somebody else wearing my same pieces (shoes, bags or whatever) since I think that everyone could personalize their outfit (like you show in the last part of the post) even if I can understand your ideas.


  13. at least these girls have a sense of humor about showing up in the same dress!!


  14. Making my own clothes avoids a good deal of that, though it could happen with my accs... Hmmm

    Cute post and Thanks for the comment
    New post: Frosty warmth

  15. that would also be the death of my fashion if I stumble on someone wearing the same dress as mine, esp if I know she's not a fashionista, and I am. It has not happened yet! and I hope not... But as for shoes, the Valentino's are probably the Jeffrey Campbells of our category, but still very expensive and no one really cares if we wear the same bec of its price...though I am not really one of them, the same feeling why those esteemed ladies wear Valentinos.

  16. those shoes are pretty great for sure. it would be fine for me as long as i was wearing it better ;)