May 11, 2012

Fame Game

With time to finally catch up on all the fashion magazine reading I've missed in the past four months, I'm here to share a spread from the October 2011 issue of Flare Magazine, titled Fame Game.  What struck me about this spread was not the model or the fashion.  In fact, I found the looks to be dull and average - your typical glamorous photoshoot.  None of the photos really made my jaw drop, but what made me linger a little bit longer on each page instead of swiftly flipping through them was the theme.  As any person familiar with the process behind putting together a fashion spread knows, a theme that ties all photos together is key.  For Fame Game, the theme was, well, climbing the oftentimes slippery ladder of fame.  Below is a look at the spread, with respective captions above each photo.

The sheer reality is that you haven't really made it until your face is plastered on a Times Square billboard.
J'adore the star spangled spotlight, but it's lonely at the top.
Dress to impress - today it's almost famous, tomorrow it's Internet sensation.
A little snakeskin and late night scandal never hurt anyone.
Overexposed and underdressed: essential elements of Youtube fame.
Piling on the fashion hits creates a magnet for the paparazzi.
A woman in traffic stopping red becomes the only woman in the room.
Generally, photos in a fashion spread all have a similar feeling, but Fame Game branches off by jet setting us all over the place.  I found the use of the billboard, Youtube interface and TV screen to be very creative, but at the same time, the spread as a whole was incoherent.  I felt like I was looking at 7 individual photos instead of an entire spread.  Even the story only loosely tied all the photos together - how did she go from being plastered on a billboard and being "at the top", to becoming a Youtube sensation?  Maybe that was the idea, to show how fame is just one big confusion.  Nonetheless, a spread about the reality of fame is an idea worth commending.  Fame may be a game, but it's a deceiving game where the winners don't always play by the rules.

Image Source: Fashion Photography, noirfacade


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  3. I have never read FLARE magazine before, but I subscribe to many, many other glossies and I have never seen an editorial idea so original and clever as this one. It seems so fitting for today's society - especially given the fact that seemingly ordinary people are so frequently climbing the fame ladder via things such as reality TV, arrests, and YouTube videos. I LOVE you for posting this here, Angelica! :)

  4. I like the use of the YouTube billboard and tv-screen as well, but as you said I also thought it were 7 pictures from different spreads as well. But I love the theme and idea behind it, if it was done right I probably would have loved it

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  5. Absolutely great pics!!!

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  7. Love the way you interpreted the shoot!, and sadly that is the reality of today and that's all you need to become famous these days...a really good well timed youtube video. I always ponder how it will all end or will it just be a continuous escalation.

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  11. i told you about the recent book i read right (Hollywood Wives)? and it was all about fame. There was a part of the billboard of making this new discovery star, with a question, "WHO IS..." , i thought the idea is intriguing! If you could make the powerful interpretations and title, you can definitely get more attention.

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  13. Great editorial!

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  14. totally stealing some of these photos to post on my blog! will credit you for the finds :) loving this post!


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  16. I actually liked the editorial, for the quality of the pictures. Your analysis does put it into perspective, though.

  17. I just read the "most famous magazines" (Vogue Italia and America, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Dazed and confused...) and I'm a great fan of Meisel's editorial for Vogue Italia. However, I actually like the pics you posted (maybe cause I found really clever your "comment" about them) especially the third one :D

  18. i love these photos but i can see what you're saying about them not really being tied together. the fashion in them is gorgeous though!

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