May 27, 2012

Flash of Skin

I haven't had a real shopping trip to Holt Renfrew since Christmas, but I went there last week to a joyous welcoming.  It was Mother's Day weekend, and Holts had transformed into the land of mother-daughter bonding.  With the saxophonist's tunes echoing throughout the store, it made tasting the complimentary gelato, cupcakes and lemonade all the more enjoyable.  Although we decided against it, we also could have received a free caricature to commemorate our day of good (window) shopping. 

And boy, good window shopping it was. I waxed lyrical about shoes last post, but don't think for a second I forgot about handbags, my second favourite accessory.  Handbags this season follow closely behind the shoe trends - retro colour blocking and refined luxury.  A notable handbag from my shopping trip was the Jimmy Choo Justine L:
The bag takes many cues from 1970s sportswear, seen in its rounded shape and duffel bag handles.  While I would prefer the shape of the bag to be less casual, the bright anaconda skin is just too irresistible.  The way the bag looks like it's revealing its inner secret with a single open flap keeps onlookers wondering how many tantalizing layers your bag actually has.
The snakeskin is so soft both my dad and I had thought it was textured leather, but a quick Google search confirmed that it is in fact real anaconda skin being unzipped and displayed.  The clean metal bar securing the flap in place adds a whiff of industrialism, dressing up the otherwise insouciant bag.
It's a coy bag made for a coy woman.  While I don't normally advocate gaudy flashes of skin, in this special case, flashing skin couldn't be classier.

Image Source: Jimmy Choo, Net-a-Porter


  1. What a beautifully written post, Angelica! Your story-telling ability is breathtaking! I love this bag, so chic and feminine.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a beautiful comment... they truly make my day!
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Amazing!!!


  3. love the mint blue!, the color is so in!
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  4. these bright colors are surprising and cool !

  5. I LOVE the nude with the purple hue. It has such an elegant, yet completely feminine and playful vibe. Stunning! :)

  6. I wouldn't mind for one;) Great post,honey!

  7. I love everything about those gorgeous bags except for the straps :( They're a bit too... normal, if they matched the bright pop of colour as the front it would be sooooo amazing!

    Thanks for the comment,
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  8. These bags are great. I love the pop of color.
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  9. I love the yellow one :)
    have a good day beautiful xoxo

  10. I spot this bag on Net-a-Porter when it appeared on the "what's new" area but I wasn't really sure if I liked it or not. now, after having read your article, I think that is a great bag for a coy woman as yous said. I mean what was leaving me in doubt about the aesthetic of this bag was the overall style, appearance, that this bag gives to the outfit. Now, you "explain", clarify, my doubts: it's just a bag more "modest", less exaggerate than other ones; but it's still a wonderful bag.

  11. I love the one with the violet flap! My giveaway ends this week so there's still time to win your favorite piece of jewelry from Lulu's! XOXO

  12. Those are really freakin' cute. All of those colors are fantastic, I can't choose a favorite. And I quite like the shape of them too.

    May the force be with you.