June 23, 2013

Dree Hemingway

It's been absolute ages since I've done a model feature!  I used to have a system of alternating between one of my own posts and a model feature, but it became stifling to the point I felt my own blog was slipping away from between my fingers.  In the end, forcing myself to make a certain post when I wasn't in the mood just didn't work.  But having already discussed my preference for models over celebrities, you'll probably realize I started model features in the first place because I want to give models more credit for the work they do in this celebrity-obsessed world (fashion magazines, PLEASE STOP putting celebrities on your covers). So I apologize if I've been getting through these model requests at a painstakingly slow rate, but if you've requested a model feature, you'll see it, I promise.  So at the request of Iben, Dree Hemingway is up next on this blog's model feature!

Dree is, of course, great-grand daughter of Earnest Hemingway, famous literary icon.  While girls like her are sometimes more known for their impactful last name than their talents, Dree has fast become known for her modeling abilities (but ok, the last name doesn't hurt).  With her beachy blonde hair, elongated face, and soft, hazy eyes, she's got the qualities of a Parisienne, with a Californian sense of fun.

Like any other strong, powerful model, she has a penchant for black menswear inspired pieces when she isn't working the camera. Will you just look at that stylishly limp hair and almost deadpanned gaze?  The Parisienne aura is so palpable.

Her latest appearance was at one show: Matthew Williamson Spring/Summer 2012 RTW.  She's definitely more the socialiate!

If there are any models you want to see featured, just give me a shout if you haven't done so already!

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  1. i've met her!
    worked with her, helping style for an event!
    such a cool girl!

    Check out my GIVEAWAY! :)


  2. She is beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much sweetie, I'm utterly impressed by your memory!!! I feel so flattered!