July 7, 2013

Dconstruct Your Style

Every single year, I insist on attending my city's largest annual festival.  Every single year, I do the exact same thing: ignore the (nauseating) rides and (nauseating) food, and instead, scour the art and product exhibitions.  I had a great time today slowly strolling past painting after painting (I high suggest you check out silk painting - the natural sheen of silk gives these paintings such incredible depth), and unearthing the artistic talent of our local community.  Fashion-wise, I also managed to discover a Canadian talent that I am so excited to share with you.  Presenting: Dconstruct.

I have to admit that local jewelry design does not often appeal to me.  The designs tend to be outdated and the materials austere.  However, the instant I saw this gold cuff displayed in front of Dconstruct's booth, I sensed that I was in the presence of fantastic local talent.

Dconstruct is a jewelry label designed and manufactured in Winnipeg.  It's also an eco-friendly label, but don't think it produces your average crunchy granola fashion.  There are many eco-friendly labels out there that claim to be both green and fashionable, but with my fastidious eyes, I find a lot of eco labels to be just as bland, boring, and unflattering as I would expect them to be.  Dconstruct exceeds my expectations.

I can for once say with great earnesty that Dconstruct is an eco-friendly label that also produces products truly suitable for the diehard fashion girl. Every piece is made of recycled resin, and contains at least 40% pre-consumer material. Deconstruct's unique combination of industrial, architectural materials and smooth, organic resin results in jewelry that is soothing and minimalist, but with a modern and trendy edge.  Not every piece is made of industrial material, however. I saw the most beautiful things encased in resin: flowers, translucent leaves, delicate blades of seaweed, and even a spattering of silver sequins.

Another thing I find interesting is that the resin is not polished to a high gloss as most resin jewelry is.  There is a matte quality to the jewelry, giving it a soft, dusty appreance.  This quiet elegance actually makes the jewelry seem more expensive and valuable.  Stacked along one arm, these bangles would lend instant modernity to a simple, chic outfit.  If I had the money to invest in jewelry, Dconstruct is a label I would gladly support.

There were several designs shown at the festival today that are not available online (I give equal praise to Dconstruct's necklaces and vases).  However, I still highly, highly, HIGHLY suggest you check out Dconstruct's website here, and see for yourself what good Canadian creation can look like.

Image Source: Dconstruct


  1. It's good to know and learn about local art creations, you did a very supportive review on them.