July 19, 2013

Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013 RTW

I haven't even looked at Fall 2013 Couture yet, but bear with me as I rewind to take a look at a Spring/Summer 2013 RTW collection I can't believe I missed during my Spring/Summer 2013 RTW roundup.  Catching up on fashion magazines this summer, I came across a fabulous pantsuit that had me marveling over the brilliant construction of the pant leg.  Looking at the clothing credits, I learned that Viktor & Rolf was the designer.  Days later, while flipping through a different magazine, I came across another gorgeous pantsuit, and lo and behold, the credits confirmed that Viktor & Rolf were the ones to thank.  It was at that moment I realized I had missed out on a great collection.

I used to always follow the Viktor & Rolf duo because they consistently deliver a good show.  But when school and life get in the way, something has to go into the back burner.  Luckily, I reached past the flames of ignorance just in time to witness Viktor & Rolf's outstanding S/S'13 collection.  Right off the bat, the show started with floor-length gowns.  Accordion pleats were the first focus of the show, done in lamé as mesmerizing as molten silver.

Progressing, the pleats liquified into smooth draping, resulting in those oh-so-gorgeous pantsuits I first raved over.  The colour palette softened to a pure white, with shaved tulle similar to that of Spring/Summer 2010 RTW adding texture.

Then, infusion of colour came in the form of lavender, muted taro, and a quick burst of salmon.  Bow-ties attached to the front of slouchy trousers would almost have been unflattering if it were not for the fact they added that essential Viktor & Rolf personality.  Otherwise, the draping here is so light, so strategic, and so phenomenal that I couldn't help but utter "my goodness" every couple of seconds as I rode a wave of enchantment.

Finally, as the show came to an end, the final hurrah was done in a palette of black with silver and bronze metallic.  The excess sheen reminded me of the '80s TV show Dynasty, but with a much more sophisticated demeanor.

I've said before that Viktor & Rolf always gives a good show, and although they hardly disappointed this season, they went about giving a good show in a different way.  Instead of the exaggerated fashion verging on the unwearable (or as critics would say, completely unwearable), this was likely the most ready-to-wear collection I have ever seen the duo put together.  Although not shown in the photos here, luxurious goddess draping, over-the-top tulle and reflective plexiglass rose appliqués were contrasted against regular items such as varsity jackets, leather motorcycle vests, and tuxedo blazers.  Yet as normal as this collection almost is, the mishmash makes it odd enough to be runway perfection.  You can be sure these gowns aren't the only things that are shining; Viktor & Rolf seem to have an even brighter future ahead of them.

Watch the full show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. cool brand!!


  2. It starts off with gowns! I love it! This is a really elegant collection, but all the metallics give it a futuristic feel. Metallics and draping... I love it. It's like a cyborg Greek goddess or something.

    May the Force be with you.

  3. thanks for ur comment!

  4. it's too modern for my style Angelica...the metallic I can't stand, but I would take the sheer touches and the roses. I am slowly going back and transforming in time with my taste....

  5. ... Thank you for congratulating me <3