October 3, 2016

Too Hot. Too Cold. Or Just Right?

Button-ups. Men look great in them, especially with the sleeves rolled up.

But one thing I sometimes struggle with, and I'm sure men do too, is how much to unbutton at the top. For women, sometimes unbuttoning too little looks matronly, and unbuttoning too much looks scandalous. For men, they teeter-totter between looking too plain or too sleazy.

What triggers my discussion of this topic (of clearly paramount importance) is a video I saw pop up on my Facebook News Feed a while back:

Quite a genius idea, actually. Although I don't mind when men have it buttoned all the way up - I think it looks stylish, and for a girl like me, a stylish guy always gains extra points. But johnnie-O is doing good in giving men the option of 'just right'. Just a peek of chest does wonders, like a V-neck does wonders for women.

Perfectly unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up...now that's a winning combo.

Image Source: The Idle Man

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