July 16, 2017

Giving the Cold Shoulder

A few weeks ago, I needed some me time. I had been planning to take a walk around downtown to snap pictures for a corporate scavenger hunt I was participating in, so thought I might as well stop by the mall while I was at it. Besides, I've been told by a few friends my ratchet changing room selfies are actually their favourite blog posts of mine to read. If that's really the case, y'all are weird.

But here you go.

Topshop Gingham Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top

Cold shoulder and off-shoulder tops have been trendy for about a year now, but this summer, I'd say the trend is at its prime. I have been seeing them absolutely everywhere. Though what goes up must come down, so I'll have my fun trying the trend while it's still hot. A variation of the exposed shoulder top I've been seeing lately is the ruffled cold shoulder. I love it! It's elegant and feminine. This gingham shirt from Topshop struck me as a mix between the ruffled cold shoulder and this Self-Portrait asymmetrical frill shirt I've been noticing in Holt Renfrew's window display. I hoped I would exude the glowing beauty of other girls I've seen wearing tops like these, but the final result was slightly underwhelming. The flared hem and sleeves did not complement the ruffles, and the shirt would have looked better if the silhouette was slimmed down (as I've tried to show in the photo).

TFNC Kimberly Jumpsuit

You might wonder whether there's a method to my madness when choosing what clothes to try on for my blog posts. While obviously I try on items I personally like, I also pick out items I would never actually buy. Oftentimes, these are trendy items, pieces with unusual designs, or things I don't have any occasion to wear. This jumpsuit was of the latter. Although I adore the sophistication of a jumpsuit, I can't fathom any occasion in my uneventful daily life that would necessitate such elegance. Except, well, taking pictures for my changing room blog posts. The lace shoulders on this TFNC jumpsuit were a nice touch, and the legs had a decently slim cut. My only complaint is how the off-shoulder didn't complement the class of the jumpsuit that well. I actually found it more flattering to wear the neckline higher up on my shoulders - like a boat neck.

Topshop MOTO Soft Cold Shoulder Dress

Yes, another cold shoulder. I thought the soft denim on this dress was a trendy companion to the exposed shoulder, and I was interested in how the shoulder hung lower on my arms. But overall, nothing too special. The cold shoulders ended up looking odd from the side; they were too severe for there to be a sense of continuity in the dress.

Topshop Floral-Printed Midi Dress

I picked up this dress purely for the unexpected hook and eye closures running down the torso. Although they reminded me of a corset, I knew the dress was too flimsy for that to be the intended effect. So I was very curious to see how this strange creation would look. After putting it on, I learned it was just as unusual on me as it was on the rack. The deep v-neck leading into the black strip of hooks was not flattering, nor was the square slit running up the front. A mumsy dress trying too hard to be youthful. Basically, I tried this dress on so you don't have to. You're welcome.

Topshop Embroidered Jamie Jeans

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned how patiently I had been waiting for these Topshop floral embroidered black jeans to go on sale. Last week, they finally went down from $120 to $48. And yet after all this waiting, these pants turned out less than stellar. I had been putting these jeans on a pedestal for months, but trying them on with the intent of buying them broke my stubborn obsession and allowed me to see these pants for what they truly were. The floral embroidery: absolutely stunning, but itchy on the inside. The cutting on the ankles: uneven and flared out. (Granted, these jeans are supposed to be cropped above the ankle, so I can understand why the ankle is cut wider.) If the ankles didn't look so weird, I might have whipped out my credit card. But for me, perfection is vital if spending $50 on a pair of jeans.

Topshop Embroidered Jamie Jeans

In an attempt to recuperate from a dashed dream, I picked up another pair of floral embroidered jeans. With mom-jean cutting and rips at the knees, this was a trendier variation of the embroidered Jamie. While the floral detailing was right up my alley, I still had many complaints. The embroidery made the lines of the leg very bumpy on the sides, the crotch was not as fitted as I would've liked, and the ripped knees made the overall look seem cluttered. However, I did walk away with one tidbit of knowledge: ripped knees on tight jeans make bending your legs to sit much easier.

H&M Frilled Mesh Blouse

I've passed by this sheer blouse multiple times in H&M's window display, and each time, I always think it looks so pretty. That day, I finally took it off the rack to try it on. I love the seafoam colour, and the tight ruffles and ruching are a great feminine touch. The elastic around the waist also helps add flounce and shape to the bottom half. However, what I didn't realize is this top is completely transparent. For wearability, I would have preferred H&M add in their own lining so I wouldn't have to expend mental energy thinking about how to layer this blouse.

H&M Jumpsuit with a Flounce

Another jumpsuit and exposed shoulder! I grabbed this jumpsuit because I found the sleek minimalism and emerald tone to be quite appealing. After trying it on, I noticed how everything was just generally...broad. I struggled with how exaggerated the flounce was at the torso. If the torso was sleeker and the wide-legs were slimmed down into a leaner cut, the shoulders would stand out to make a more sophisticated statement.

H&M Denim Bib Overall Shorts

I found these short overalls in the younger section of H&M, so I knew I would be showing off a more adolescent look here. Overalls have been trendy for a while, but this was actually my first time trying them on. And honestly, I didn't hate them. I liked how hip and casual they were. The ease of just throwing on a t-shirt underneath is quite appealing, and the look can be effortlessly dressed up with funky accessories. The only thing is I wouldn't recommend this particular pair from H&M - the bum is cut pretty flat so your rounded behind will look more or less like a straight line.

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