June 10, 2017

Fashion Tips & Tricks

If I were one to ride on internet trend trains, I would've shamelessly titled this post "Top 3 Fashion Hacks". I even considered titling it "Dope Fashion Tricks" (wow, hah hah, I'm so funny and clever and not lame), but I'll save myself the public ridicule by just calling this "Fashion Tips & Tricks".

Now, by no means do I have any sort of expertise in providing fashion tips and tricks - the following so-called life hacks are just little discoveries I have made in the past couple of months. I don't expect to impart any sort of valuable knowledge upon you; most likely you will find everything below completely irrelevant or very novice. But hey, I'm just sharing for fun and the minuscule chance you might actually find this interesting.

1. The Practicality of Bandeaus

This one is going to be pretty obvious for most of you out there, so bear with me. Bandeaus and bralettes became popular a couple years back for layering underneath sheer blouses, lace tops, or simply underneath a blazer. Being someone who grew up dressing more conservatively, baring any part of my torso seemed like a très risqué maneuver. So whenever I had tops which were too transparent or low-cut, I felt as if I had no option but to wear tank tops or camisoles underneath. While neither were necessarily bad options, tank tops sometimes looked too casual peeking through sheer blouses, and the square neckline of camisoles cut across the chest in ways which reminded me too much of my preteen years. I needed something a bit more grown up.

That's when I discovered the convenience of bandeaus. With my newfound confidence in dressing, I decided to wear a colourful bandeau under a sheer, low-cut white t-shirt I had. And wow, the freedom was amazing! Not only did the bandeau look cool and quirky underneath, it was perfect for that particular hot sunny day. In the past, I've often found it tedious wearing a tank top under wispy summer shirts, as if I weren't already sweating enough with just one layer of fabric. But now, air ventilation is greatly improved with a bandeau. As well, bandeaus help immensely with low-cut necklines. Because my bandeaus are so tight, there is no risk of my bra showing or any fear I will flash anyone if my neckline slips down or I bend over to pick something up. Beadeaus have given me so much liberty with my summer outfits, and they open doors in terms of being able to wear the looser or more revealing shirts I have.

2. Wearing Random Chains as Jewellery

I am definitely not a person who is good at fashion DIYs, but this DIY is simple enough for even the most amateurish of rookies. Digging through my jewellery boxes one day, I managed to find this random silver chain. I have absolutely no clue where this chain came from, or what it was previously used for - but regardless of its past life, I figured I could reincarnate it as a jewellery piece. Luckily, the chain has a bright, shiny finish that helps it seem less like just some random old chain I picked up, and more like an actual piece of jewellery. I've worn it in various ways, including as a knotted necklace, a layered necklace, a layered bracelet, and even the trendy tied choker look. If you have random material laying around, like chain, ribbon, or a leather tie, you could easily replicate these looks.

3. Fixing Patent Leather Scuffs with Vaseline

If there is actually anything you walk away with today, I hope it is this trick. Being a shoe lover, my heart aches whenever I see a pair of shoes I own getting (inevitably) worn down and used. I try my best to maintain the condition of my shoes by cleaning and polishing them regularly. However, one struggle I have had since high school was maintaining my patent leather shoes. Lately, I have been wearing a pair of super shiny patent Miu Miu loafers and a pair of orange patent Cole Haan oxfords, both of which have been accidentally scuffed in the process.

Thank goodness for Google, because I learned rubbing Vaseline onto patent leather with a clean cloth can help remove scuffing. AND IT WORKS. I thought I was done for when I scratched the orange patent on my Cole Haans against the pavement, but seeing the scuff go away with Vaseline made me burst with glee. Keep in mind, for patent leather which has been rubbed down to a dull finish, Vaseline likely won't work miracles. But if you have a scratch, you might be able to renew the leather. Either way, give it a try!

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