March 18, 2014

Rags to (Relative) Riches

I'm all about experimenting when it comes to putting together outfits. Sometimes I pull together a winner and feel on top of the world, other times I miscalculate and feel like burying myself into a hole for the rest of the day.  Despite the hit-and-miss nature of outfit risk-taking, it's the thrill of finding that unique look no one else has that I live for.  Part of that process involves looking for pieces in places other people don't think of going to. I've already recounted the time I raided my dad's closet to find an oversized denim button-up (that has surprisingly garnered me multiple compliments throughout the here to see the post), and today, I present to you a new spin on my pajamas.

T-shirt: Random Chinese brand | Shorts: H&M | Bag: Mom's vintage bag | Sunglasses: Coach

Yes, my pajamas.  I've had the above t-shirt for more years than I can remember, mostly wearing it around the house and in bed.  I did consider it among my nicer tops to wear at home; putting on a pair of jeans underneath made it supermarket-ready.  But two years ago, when my friend commented and said it was actually a very "hipster" top, it made me rethink the possibilities this faded rag (or so I thought) could bring me.

To combat the bagginess, I knew I had to roll up the sleeves and partially tuck the ends in. I had considered pairing it with a chiffon skirt, but knew the faded top just wouldn't match the femininity of a skirt. So with my friend's "hipster" adjective in mind, I went hip. Crossbody bag, printed bottoms, and a pair of sunglasses to add a slight V to the neckline.  If I had my complete wardrobe here, I would've thrown in a couple of my punk rings. You can't see here, but either my black pointed toe flats (yes, if you read my Missing the Point post, you'll realize I finally found a worthy pair of black flats...expect a future post on that) or cognac studded ankle boots would've completed the look (although I wish I had a pair of oxfords).

Lesson of the day: take a second look at your so-called "ugly" clothing.  Retain a casual air, but pairing your rejects up with higher quality pieces just might leave you feeling like you're on top of the world.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea and I agree to you on how to be creative with a faded clothing. One day I organized my husband's clothes and he thought I forever claimed his house shirts because he could not find them and saw me wearing some of them in bed. Anyway, I did not, I just moved them. But I enjoy wearing his tops even for my outdoor wear on a lazy weekend shopping.