March 11, 2014

Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 RTW

Recap: Luxury shopping at its most mundane. Only Karl Lagerfeld could get away with creating an entire collection around l'epicerie chic - complete with sneakers - and send it down the runway of one of fashion's most upscale labels.  Its comment on consumerism aside, this is a show surrounded by humour, fun, and utmost creativity.  Shopping baskets made with Chanel's signature chains, 2.55s redesigned to resemble packaged meat, and purses in the shape of egg cartons.  But it didn't stop there.  As models went about their quotidian shopping, they had the option of buying items 20 or 50 percent higher (darling, Chanel doesn't do discounts), sacs poubelles renamed as sacs plus belles, and a gold chainsaw made with Chanel chains.  As for the fashion, highlights included pieces with childish geometric print, sweaters with perfect slouchy turtlenecks and a splatter of colourful embellishment, tweed coats with built-in bustiers, and pieces with cutouts resembling a shopping basket.

Verdict: Humour in fashion is something critics often refuse to acknowledge. While this collection is more kitschy and possibly against Chanel's image of elegance, the label is also known for its comfort.  Karl brings this concept of comfort into modern day by poking fun at the most amusing runway of all: grocery aisles (Walmart fashion, anyone?). True, Karl could send practically anything down the runway and we'd lap it up and smother it with praise, but hey, he isn't Kaiser Karl for nothing.  He can take risks.  He reminds us that fashion can only ever be one-dimensional without humour and creativity, and that it should never be taken too seriously.

Watch the full show here.

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