February 16, 2011

Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 2011 RTW

Dear reader stylemefab suggested I take a look at Christian Siriano's Fall/Winter 2012 collection.  Siriano is still a fairly new designer, and has had three collections in total.  I, like many others, heard of Siriano through Project Runway, and to be honest, I know more about his flamboyant personality than his actual work.  But I'm excited to see how he will develop a vision for his label in the coming years.

Despite a couple of model trip-ups and one unfortunate fall near the end of the show, the clothes at the end were much stronger than what Siriano started off with.  To start, Siriano introduced dark romanticism with sheer black fabric:
From this, Siriano moved quickly onto dark, but ladylike silhouettes.  Some of the dresses here I thought were lacking a uniqueness that is often what makes designers stand out among fast fashion brands.  However, the detailing near the end did demonstrate more of Siriano's skill.
Then in a breakaway from the dark, somber tones, Siriano heightened the sense of glamour with the usual red-carpet hits:
As the gowns came out, dark romanticism returned in a sheer skirted dress, and mingled with the glamorous in the final look:
Siriano definitely ended on a better note than he started with.  There wasn't a clear vision in this collection and there were times when Siriano failed to exercise and go beyond his abilities.  However, there were chic looks in this collection, and I do believe Siriano will find his way soon enough.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. omg that last dress with the pink ruffles is AMAZING.. it kinda reminds me of nicole richie's wedding dress...but even more romantic because of the blush pink color!

  2. Oh the forrest green is a knock-out! He is a brilliant designer, yes?



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  3. omg wow, i'm loving these looks, definitely have some faves!

  4. I love this guy. His collections are AMAZING.

  5. oh man those are all so BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the green!!

  6. these dresses are so pretty it's crazy:p the details I like. I'm glad you like my collage;) I wasn't really succesfull trying to make an all white outfit in real life, so collages are always a good way to express that urge.

  7. Oh I love this whow, I've ever loved Siriano because it's a designer that everyone could follow since Project Runway to his recent succes. We know how he developed his style and we have seen his "growth". So I bleieve that eveyr colelciton is innovative an more "mature"; In this specific case the volumes and the shapes are really cool and glamourous. The details, especialy shoes, are really chic and a great alternative to the "Most known designers"


  8. amazing!! i have to say i did not know so much about hIs work, but IS SPECTACULAR!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!



  9. I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of this collection. I love the use of sheer textures, and the sage green tones are gorg; but some of the aesthetics are a little strange. :/

  10. I like the sheer gowns, they are nice! I always feel bad for models that trip in the show, especially for fashion week here where they don't get paid

  11. I was actually quite impressed with his latest collection. The later looks that emerged on the runway are more typical of what he's done in the past, but I liked that he finally did something different by introducing a more gothic dark vibe at the beginning. I'm sure people are sick of seeing only ruffles and big gowns from him season after season.

  12. You know, I've loved Christian since PR for his ridiculous personality but even with my bias I think he's quite talented (and I wish him luck in shaking off the reality tv label!)

  13. I'm not a fan of this colecction, specially because I didn't find anything incredible. I know that there are some "pretty" things.. but nothing speciall.

    See you :)

  14. He was one of my favorite project runway designers and I love his personality! I'm pretty impressed that he can do so much with designs at such a young age and I know he'll develop a stronger brand with future collections. I love the gowns in this collection but there wasn't any consistency and I'm not sure what to make of the last gown but I do love the sheer black fabric that he used and that was beautiful! xoxoxoxoo

  15. The gowns were great! :)

  16. @20 York Street: I'm sure he is, and I cannot wait until he develops his own, strong label.

    @E: I would agree with you. He is growing with each collection that he does!

    @Haute World: I actually did like the gothic looks at the beginning, but Siriano didn't really build on that for the rest of the collection, and I felt that if it were, it would have been a much stronger show. But he's done well!

    @deppa: Yes, you are so right. I'm sure once he finds his footing, he'll do some exploring.

  17. He's getting better,his past stuff was too weird. The fit is a little off on some pieces but love a couple of them XOXO

  18. Yay!! Thank you Angelica. Love it, I would love to see Carine Roitfield wear some of these pieces, remember the sheer, she looked FAB in that. I am having a feeling of deja vu with that last ruffled dress.. I could have sworn I have seen a similar dress before...