February 25, 2011

Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 RTW

I absolutely loved the colour blocking at Gucci for Spring 2011, and I was delighted to see it again for Fall/Winter 2012.  Frida Giannini once more worked with deep, lustrous jewel tones, but they gave an entirely different look than that of Spring 2011.  This time, the '70s were a huge influence, seen most evidently in the bow blouses.  The first part of the show consisted of fur and python done in mystical cool colours: 

As the show warmed up, so did the colouring.  Fur and luscious patent leather were then done in warm scarlets (the puffs of fur remind me of the fox tails at Louis Vuitton a couple seasons ago, but done here more elegantly):

The fur then began showing up in smoky, muted tones:

For evening, Giannini brought out long, sheer chiffon dresses bursting with hand-dyed silk flowers:

Considering the prominence of the '70s for Spring 2011, this collection is nothing new.  But Giannini gave us enough glamour to make it seem just right.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Vogue


  1. i'm normally not a gucci fan, but i LOVE how rich these colors are

  2. Oh Natasha! she rocks this collection! (l)

    See you :)

  3. I am more inspired for the 70's back in style, in addition to fur, i loved the bows and the hats, and the bright color orange...snake skin is also a triumph. oh, I just got myself a sheer dress!!!and re my make-up, i wasn't wearing anything in that pic prior to the make-over =)

  4. wow, Gucci and Burberry etc are really ahead of time!

    Love the collections anyway, good text also :)

  5. LOVE the colors of this collection.xo

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  6. yea.. this is collection is so pretty. the flowiness and the fabric used.. so darn pretty! and little boys can be pretty annoying sometimes:p hope they aren't there everyday:p

  7. The color scheme of this collection is incredible - I love it!! :)

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  9. My fave ever! They will always remain my fave! I have a great interview with Frida Giannini I was gonna post. XOXO

  10. I was very excited when I saw this collection. The color palette is simply amazing.

  11. I agree with yoru comment because when I saw the show the first thing I thought was that it was really elegant and cool but not innovative. The "flower part" is my favourite part of the show, the use of fur is nice but sometimes too exagerate!


  12. The sheer dresses are so fantastic and romantic! I also love the makeup, it was a bit severe and sharp in my opinion but it was very fitting for the collection. I'm sorry I confused you with my comment! What I meant was compared to other fashion reviews on style.com or vogue.com, your reviews are very easy to read for me and what I'm trying to say is that you're a really great writer! Daphne Guiness is wearing the mysterious shoes in my post :-) xoxoxoo

  13. I loved the sheer flyaway skirts, but I think Frida's trying too hard to recreate/one up Tom Ford's old gucci, I think Frida does mod/40s chic best!

    Thanks for the comment,

  14. Hmm I actually like this collection, but I'll have to 6 feet to wear anything from it. There's too many things going on on each look.

  15. I started to love the collection while scrolling down but started to think I was looking at a Versace collection towards the bottom. Overall not a bad collection but its not "WOW" worthy.

  16. PS: The sheer is FAB though!!! can go wrong there...

  17. I have never been a masive fun of Gucci but oh boy this collection is just amazing! Loving the colours, fabric combination and flow...just superb! xx


  18. Love this rainbow selection !