February 4, 2011

Sheer Brilliance

As I was sifting through the Spring/Summer 2011 trends for my magazine article (thank you for your suggestions!), I came across a trend that I had noticed somewhat unconsciously, but had never thought it would end up being the next big thing.  I think the two photos of Abbey Lee Kershaw below say it all:

If there's one daring piece that you're going to be buying for Spring 2011, it's the sheer maxi skirt or dress.  When done properly, it's a sweet concoction of flirtatious modesty.  You're covering up your legs...but at the same time, you're flaunting them.

But is it ever a difficult trend to pull off!  That's not to say it hasn't been done well before, but I don't quite like how the sheer maxi skirt can sometimes break the clean lines of an otherwise long and lean silhouette, and at times give an almost skeletal look.  Also, I think this goes without saying, but you definitely need to have nicely toned legs for this trend.  Here's a look at how it was done on the runways:

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2011
Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011 RTW
Rag & Bone Spring 2011 RTW

To me, Alberta Ferretti is the one to follow if you do take a shot at this trend.  Having a bit of print to lessen the impact of transparency, and an overall slim silhouette is a good way to take on this sheer trend.  Rag & Bone also proves that you don't have to go all the way; semi-transparent skirts work just as well, while Givenchy caters to the more daring among us (and has been doing so for the past couple of collections).  Even though I won't be trying this trend out anytime soon, it sure is a fun one.

Image Source: Abbey1, Abbey 2, Street Style, Style.com


  1. I do typically love me some Rag and Bone but I have a hard time thinking this trend will translate into my wardrobe! Then again, maybe somewhere tropical:)

  2. I totally love, but Im not sure about the transparent fabric, maybe too much for me :)
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    I have the solution, I discovered one year ago and is very simple, or at least is very simple for me ;) it also depends of your hair.

    See you!

  3. probably wont be trying out the sheer maxi skirt, but I want to find a non-sheer version for a petite lady...its a challenge

  4. Awesome, love the way our blogs compensate each others. You do the runways and I do the ads. Please let me know when you do Ralph Lauren.

    You've a good eye for model features. I got pretty unique jaw lines aswell. What about you?

    Keep in touch,



  5. I really love this trend! It's romantic and lovely to look at! I love anything sheer in general so I'll be sporting them with cropped tops and long tanks tucked in. It's perfect for the summer days :-) xoxoxoxoo

  6. Alberta Ferreti is my favorite, and I will surely dress this!=)....thanks for droppin, and days are getting so short for my 30th..huhu=(

  7. OMG, you must be a mind reader! I literally just put a sheer maxi skirt from ASOS on my 'to buy' list! I love this trend :) great coverage and advice!


  8. maxi see through skirts are the best.. though I'm not sure if I'd want to pull it off. Funny, how you thought immidiately of Burberry because of my dress! that's what I was thinking:)

  9. I love this, especially the 3rd and last picture!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  10. Ohmigosh the pieces from Alberta Ferretti are killing me - love, love, love! And Abbey Lee looks gorg!! :)

  11. i totally just went to the fabric store and got some chiffon and plan to make myself a sheer skirt! HA wish me luck :/
    i just LOVE this trend!



  12. love the transparent skirt and right now I'm on progress sewing it.. but in more wearable version.. hihi!


  13. I'm not sure I will be trying it either...the half sheer skirt looks esp difficult to pull off!

  14. real cool!! the Pre fall by Givenchy is awesome! the same than Abbey!



  15. Love the first two pics. Great style!

    xo thefashionguitar

  16. Hmm, don't know how I feel about the sheer maxi mini. Feels like an unfinished project on "Project Runway" Just a little bit. Maybe I am old fashion. Then again I can be a walking contradiction,give me a week the trend might grow on me. But I agree, I like Alberta Ferretti and Rag & Bone use of the sheer.

  17. Gorgeous! Although women would probably pull this look off more with long spider legs! XOXO

  18. This certainly isn't a trend that has everyone leaping to try it, but I'm so glad to see some of you are going straight for it! I'm sure all of you will work it wonderfully.

    @Noelani: That's perfect! On second thought, a sheer maxi skirt is perfect for the beach. It would be much less risky than on the streets.

    @Amber Blue Bird: Oh yeah, a maxi skirt for petite women is difficult. I guess I would suggest a slightly slimmer version of a maxi skirt.

    @The Traditionalist: Haha! Great plan. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know.

    @Fashion Cappuccino: I knew you were going to be one to take on this trend! I think you'll look great pairing it with a cropped top!

    @M and Blowraspberry: Good luck! It's great that both of you are making your own! Now there's a fashionista! You'll both look stunning in it, I'm sure.

    @Krystal: Yeah, that's right. Never mind all sheer...half sheer is the difficult one!

    @Madeleine: I can see what you mean about the unfinished product, but I've seen it so much at Givenchy that I'm getting used to it. Who knows, I might start liking it too!

  19. To be honest I confused myself on my post.

    Please don't stop, I love to read emotional comments. I feel very attached to that Ad. The theme was amazing and very sensual. I am sure you will find that guy very soon.

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  20. I love the sheer dress/skirt. as long as the sheer starts around my thighs I am alright. "When done properly, it's a sweet concoction of flirtatious modesty" this statement is perfectly represented by this pic of Carine Roitfield..http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/1401/60160690.jpg.isnt she just sexy and FAB!!!!

  21. i love love loveeee sheer skirts!

  22. How nice - Alberta Feretti. Her whole outfit made me speechless, wow.
    Angelica, I can't with words describe how grateful I am for your long and thoughtful comment on the post where I introduce myself.
    And for my last post - I will show you my Versace in a couble of days, just stay updated. And I thought it was a good idea to feature trash-style because I don't see any blogger have really written something special about it, sadly.

    That Givenchy pre-fall outfit is amazing, how daring to use such a vibrant colour as that purple! I just want to hug the designer cause that him or she pulls it off extremely well.
    Good blogpost Angelica, good one.

    Lots of love from snowy Sweden,
    Jacob H from Fashion Ranger

  23. great inspiration!

    Thanks haha, the scarf is mine;)


  24. these long and transparent dresses and skirts inspîre me a lot !!!

  25. my favourite one is the last pic!! the dress is pretty AMAZING!!! lovely!!


  26. I love the sheer maxi skirt! It's so unusual and kind of mysterious too. I recently saw it on a Japanese street style website and now it's popping up everywhere! Me too, I don't think I would try this trend myself, but it certainly looks great on the runways.

  27. I find this post really interesting. (I'm sorry to have commented it only now, but this weekend I was out and I didn't have internet.)

    The transparences and long skrits are real my favourite trends of the last periods. You chose amazing pics to show this trend and I think that Ferretti is the most representative designer of the "transparences trend".


  28. I really admire your blog posts, you do an amazing job with your writing and layout as well as the obvious keen fashion sense of trends ; ) absolutely love : )

  29. I love this trend, its so beautiful and any light fabrics just make us ladies feel very sexy, stylish and feminine! cant wait for summer! xx


  30. Wonderful selection of photos! Abbey Lee has the best interpretation and I love the Alberta Ferretti collection.


  31. You can also see this trend in the couture at this brand CLIFFLEE from Paris. They do some cool stuff that I really like!