February 11, 2011

In Remembrance of McQueen

On this day one year ago, the tragic news of Alexander McQueen's death paralyzed the fashion world.  I had just begun to follow McQueen, and was starting to become familiar with his ground-breaking aesthetic, when news of his death hit me.  Even for someone like me, who had only followed McQueen for a year, his death shook me to the core.  I remember being in shock for the rest of the day, not being able to digest the loss of such a talented designer.  To mark this anniversary, here is a look at some of McQueen's most memorable moments (in reality, all of his collections deserve this title, and this is a very small sampling):

Fall/Winter 1996
Spring/Summer 1999
Spring/Summer 2001
Fall/Winter 2003
Spring/Summer 2003
Spring/Summer 2004
Fall/Winter 2006
Fall/Winter 2006
Spring/Summer 2010

Looking back, McQueen continued to shock us throughout his career and while we may have lost a visionary, his vision will certainly never die.

Image Source: McQueen, Photo1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


  1. McQueen created some truly astonishing work. I didn't follow him before the tragedy, but he designed some wonderful pieces-- I especially love the spring/summer 1999. It's hard to believe that someone so talented could throw their life away, but it's difficult to understand the motives of geniuses. Everyone thought Einstein was crazy after all. This is a lovely memorial to the late and great McQueen, and I love your quote "we may have lost a visionary, but his vision will certainly never die." So true! His vision will keep on living through the clothes for years to come!

  2. I love this look back at his work! I still remember that day too...my friends didn't understand why I was so upset....blegh....I can't believe it's already been a whole year

  3. What a wacky wild GENIUS!!! I miss him :(

  4. He was an amazing designer, but this story always makes me stop and think about people and suicide...McQueen was a top designer, unbelievably talented and rich. How does it come to someone deciding that the only way out is suicide. kinda makes you wonder...love all the pictures you picked


  5. PS: checkout the new Christian Siriano F/W 11.12 New York collection..a whole lot of sheer!!

  6. Great tribute.

  7. I agree with Stylemefab, suicide always makes me wonder.... he was well known, and well loved, what makes a person do it.
    Anyway, guess we will never know.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for dropping a line on my last post.
    Hope your weekend is fabulous.

  8. He first got my attention when I saw his spring/summer 1999 collection! He always strikes me as someone who is willing to push the boundaries of fashion and technology and did so better than anyone. I couldn't believe when I heard the news either! Even my friends who weren't into fashion knew about him and they're also awestuck by his creations. I miss him and think about him, especially now that it's fashion week. I think he would be really proud if he sees what Sarah Burton is doing though.

    It's cool that you have someone to flirt with and I'm glad that he makes you smile! I haven't been with any boy or go out of the house (homework, and more homework plus blogging duties) and still recovering from my breakup a year ago. To me, it feels like it happened yesterday! It takes a long, long time for me to recover and for now, all I can do is just focus on finishing school and hopefully one day, I'll meet him :-) xoxoxoxoo

  9. he was a genious...what a loss :((((

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    xoxo from rome

  10. McQueen had such amazing designs, it was a total shock when I heard he died. But he will live forward in his clothes and designs even though he committed suicide.

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  11. what an AMAZING designer...and such a sad lost for us!! just a big genius!! i miss his own creation!! and that's still a mistery about the suicide at the top of his own career...!! that's so sad!!


  12. I've really loved McQueen. There's no words to say how I miss his influence in fashion! He was a genius!

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  13. His genius works will live on forever even though he won't! Such a shame that we lost one of the most artistic designers!

    Keep in touch // Swedish Fashionista

  14. I've ever lvoed McQueen and I foudn his aesthetic something unique that couldn't be interpretate by anyone. However Burton is doing a great work and I hope that she could, at least, "maintains" the style of the maison. You chsoe nice pcis even if they are not my favourite one they are surely the most important ones ;)


  15. he was a genius and one of my favorite designers! Great last sentence, it's so true! xx Nini

  16. What a beautiful tribute to McQueen; he was a genius! :)

  17. Such a big loss and easily my favorite designer of all times...

  18. I didn't know this rainbow dress, it's amazing !
    His death is so sad...

  19. He was amazing. I love to watch the way his work evolves over time. Towards the end of his life you saw his stuff becoming more daring.
    He's like Theirry Mugler..

    Long live McQueen!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  20. it's so unpredictable sometimes.. but the art that he left behind, I think a lot of people appreciate, and maybe now even more because of his death. But definitely inspirational.

  21. He was so incredibly talented!

  22. Great post.. I miss his creations!

  23. Such a lovely compilation of his prettiest work. He was such a gem, truly amazing and talented.

  24. His work was so inspirational and amazing!

  25. Always McQueen. He was is and will be the best in the world.



  26. One of my fave along with Gianni Versace. These tow were not just designers but true artists! RIP...truly missed XOXO

  27. @Dahl, stylemefab and sexylegsandbody: It's true that this event does bring up the question of suicide and why someone would even consider it. But when I think of the loss that McQueen himself went through, and possibly other conflicts that we may never know about, I can understand why suicide seemed like the only way out. For him, in the choice between losing all the pain, and having a successful career, money, public recognition and even following his passion just don't seem that important...

    @Closet Fashionista and Fashion Cappuccino: None of my friends knew about McQueen! In fact, even now, only one really knows of how I felt that day, and the reason behind it.

    @E: I understand what you are saying. There were many moments that I loved, but that weren't really the moments that defined who he was. I wanted to choose photos that demonstrated his creativity and his willingness to go beyond anything seen before. Yes, not necessarily the best, but surely the most important.

  28. A very fitting tribute. His loss was so deeply sad, and he still leaves huge shoes to fill in the fashion world.