March 24, 2012

Bowled Over by Bowles

I'd like to take the time to devote a post to the great Hamish Bowles, Vogue's European Editor at Large.
I should probably admit now that I absolutely adore this man.  The flair he brings to Vogue is irreplaceable.  Just from his looks, you can already tell he's sophisticated, intelligent and very dapper, but always with a twist - whether it be quirky glasses, a flower on his lapel, or head-to-toe plaid.  It's a joy to look through all his different outfits.  He may care about his looks (as every fashion editor does), but he's not so vain he won't get down and dirty.  Definitely one of my favourite fashion people.
The only exposure to Hamish I get is through his writing, but his personality comes across loud and clear.  He possesses such a wide range of vocabulary, and I'm constantly learning new words whenever I read his writing.  For his humour pieces, his self-deprecation and dry humour always have me laughing out loud.  For his more serious interior design pieces, his intricate descriptions transport me intimately into the house he so describes.  It's an absolute pleasure to read his writing, and I look forward to it in every issue of Vogue.
Whenever Anna Wintour sends him off onto another outlandish adventure, he never fails to lovingly mention that when it comes to Vogue, you never doubt (or at least, dare decline) Anna's suggestions.  And in the most recent issue of Vogue that I read, Anna just as lovingly returned the favour by praising him in her Editor's Letter.
Among getting back to basics and camping in the wild...
...surfing for the first time in glistening waters...
...and playing basketball against Amar'e Stoudemire...
...Hamish's latest adventure involved singing on X Factor - in cognito, of course.
Whatever he does, you'll be guaranteed a couple pages of good laughs.  It's always the saddest part when you realize his article is over.

So here's to Hamish Bowles, a man who deserves all the praise Anna can give.

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  1. I remember reading that surfing-article, I loved every word of it! I also loved the picture right away, smoking and wet-suit. He is a great man.

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  2. I love that last photo!

  3. I love him and I really agree with your post. HE is one of the most elegant people in the world and I love his articles, I always learn something about fashion!

  4. gotta love a fashionable man!

  5. sooo love this man too! Just by the ring of his name i can jump on my chair and move my neck more closer to my monitor haha:) I just wish that a man I am with can be brave to dress up like him, but I do dress him and able to convince occasionaly..only sad today, I know he is on my care by his mother wanted to cut his long hair, my ideal man look :( I hope his mother leaves without mentioning of cutting it again. Hamish Hamish Hamish...he should never stop writing forever.