March 19, 2012

Lady Dior - Lady Grey London

I've said before that there are very few fashion videos out there I find worth taking the time to watch.  A fashion film is best when it embodies the essence of the brand without being too long and drawn-out (ahem, Karl Lagerfeld), contains gorgeous fashion, and like any film, has good acting!  Ever since watching Édith Piaf, and then subsequently watching five more movies with Marion Cotillard (her best performances have been Édith Piaf and Nine), I've come to see her as a respectable actress.  When my friend suggested I take a look at a Lady Dior video with Marion Cotillard, I knew I was going to be watching something better than the usual fashion films.  Not only does Marion perfectly capture the look of the Dior woman, I admittedly have more faith in Dior's film-making abilities than I do in Lagerfeld's.  Lady Dior - Lady Grey London has officially made it onto my list of good fashion films.

It starts off glamorous and naughty, then gets somewhat creepy, but ultimately ends on a beautiful, emotional note.  I honestly almost teared up during the dressing room scene (Ian McKellen was just heartbreakingly adorable!).  The greatest twist made in an 8 minute film, if there ever was one.  So who, then, is the Dior woman?  A woman whose beauty and compassion enraptures men, gives life to them, and in this case, literally brings them to their feet.  A woman whose intensity pulls men away from their inhibitions and constraints, allowing them to express themselves freely.  The ending is, like many successful movies, up to your own interpretation.  I see the ending as symbolizing how, although the Dior woman captivates so many men around her, she is happiest and most free when she is on her own.  Independent and strong, she is not a woman who needs a man.  This is a wonderfully touching fashion film, and one that is fittingly inspired by John Galliano.

On a side note, it's about time I posted about all the wonderful ladies who have taken the time to acknowledge my blog.  I was tagged a long, long time ago by Burning Skies for a fun little handwriting activity which I unfortunately never got around to doing.  Again, a long time ago, Dear Girl awarded me my second Stylish Blogger Award...

...and Dahl gave me my first Lovely Blogger Award.

Finally, just recently, Aimee Victoria Long graced me with my third Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you ladies for your kind recognition!


  1. I'm so glad that your blog is so much appreciated and I can understand why, since you wrote such interesting posts!

    BTW, thanks for posting this video which is very interesting and cool: all what you wrote in the first paragraph about fashion videos are so true and it would be really nice if designers, brands bear it in mind!

  2. Ah the French!
    Congrats on your award. XOXO

  3. If I were to interpret the video, she is not like most women on her status that would do such a thing considering her tastes with men. Despite the beauty and highness of her, she has the heart and humility...the full advertisement of Dior and the kind of woman who can wear is tender spirited. I wonder what happened next when the hour glass sands went down or how the drawing looked like?? This is the beauty of leaving the viewers the suspense to keep thinking about.

  4. I always love the Lady Dior videos. This one especially, I saw it a while ago already and it's so amazing. I loved the endig, with the man. And Marion Cotillard always looks great in these

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  5. So glamour !!!!

  6. Thank you for the lovely mention, those awards are greatly deserved!


  7. Love Dior, Love Marion, congrats on the awards hon!

    Thanks for the comment,
    PS. back from my hiatus xx
    I O U A(n) E(xplaination)