March 27, 2012

Confessions of a Shopaholic

First it was The September Issue, now it's Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009).  Seems I'm in the mood to talk about fashion-related movies lately!
Confessions of a Shopaholic is a movie adaptation of a book by Sophie Kinsella.  I've read all the books in the Shopaholic series, and it is one of the best examples of good chick lit.  Girly, fun and romantic, but done with a sharp wit and none of the typical shallow tendencies some chick lit fall prey to. 
There's an edge to the Shopaholic books that make it more real, but at the same time, so exaggerated that you can also get a laugh from it.  It's about an uproariously hilarious, slightly oblivious, dreaming kind of girl who's - as you can probably gather - a shopaholic.  Rebecca is her name, and she schemes her way out of debt issues, family issues and love issues, all while in very expensive shoes.  So it goes without saying I was really looking forward to the movie.
But wow, was it ever a let-down!  I know movies rarely live up to the books, but this movie only managed to scrape the surface of the original book.  The humour was lost, Rebecca was portrayed as being a bit too "dumb", and the whole movie was so polished it felt like a bright light being shone into my eyes.  Too hard to look at.  It was all fun, no substance.  Of course there's nothing wrong with a frothy, frivolous movie, but there's a problem when the original book isn't simply a frothy, frivolous book.
However, I digress.  I'm not here to review the movie.  What I'd really like to talk about is the way Rebecca was styled in this movie.  I know everyone's going to have a different vision of Rebecca's personal style, but I didn't find the outfits in the movie encompassed how Rebecca is portrayed in the book. 
Throughout the movie, Rebecca takes colour blocking to the max.  Every imaginable bright colour is brought together, and slapped on top of pieces that are terribly aging.  Rebecca is only 25, but she's dressing like a middle-aged woman trying to feel young again.  There was this complete lack of playing around with different textures and fabrics; everything was so sugary and Barbie-like it hurt.  It was all surprisingly unfashionable.
I understand the idea was to convey Rebecca's outgoing, quirky personality, but there are certainly more stylish ways of doing that.  After all, I was led to believe Rebecca had good taste...
So would I recommend you see this movie?  Certainly not for the fashion.  Nonetheless, if you just want something that doesn't require much brainwork, or if you're a fan of Sophie Kinsella, then you might as well watch it.  Me?  I'll just stick to the books.

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  1. While I enjoyed the book as a fun romp the movie was totally lackluster. And the fashion, was so over the top! Too much!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella's work, but I have to admit that the trailers for the movie never appealed to me; therefore, I never saw it. Now that I've read this, I don't think I will. Maybe Becky Bloomwood is better left to the reader's imagination. :)

  3. love this movie and BOOK! :)
    also, i posted a photo on my blog today of Denmark Model, Amanda Norgaard, which i used (and credited you for) from your blog! thanks for sharing that!


  4. I agree with what you wrote, I didn't like this movie, I found that Patricia Field forgot her SATC fashion taste 'cause in this movie Rebecca is really shabby and for me not chic at all. The plot was quite ridiculous (I didn't read the book, I'm speaking about the movie) and I didn't enjoy this movie at all!

  5. I agree with what you wrote. The movie was such a let down. And the fashion was too over the top but not in a good way. It was an elementary joke, unfortunately that no one is laughing at.

  6. Hugh Dancy is the only the reason to watch movie, if he isn't the most handsome man and the accent...ohh la la. The premise is fun but it just looks silly movie

  7. I agree! I remember there was a great scene in the book (I can't say exactly which scene) but it wasn't in the movie; I was so disappointed! And the only look I really liked was the one with the yellow coat, the rest was just meh.

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  8. I thought that movie was playful even though some of her outfits were just weird for me. XOXO

  9. Hi Hun, thanks so much for the comment on my blog!
    Yes the marni for H&M was released on the 8th March! :) some pieces are still on the website!
    I am now a follower of your blog and I would love if you could follow mine xx

  10. Haha, favourite movie of all time! Wish I had her wardrobe - so brightly coloured and fabulous!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! :) I love your blog too and am following you now!

    Hope you'll come and pop by again. :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  11. thanks so so much for your comment!! :) i really like your blog and i'm following you now!
    i'd be more than happy if you followed back!!
    xxx love

  12. Believe me or not, I have not watched this yet...just because the title "shopaholic" is not appetizing for me..i have some thoughts that the movie is not what i really want to get good things to ponder and take influence...thanks for giving me a heads up that I really do not have to watch it! and since I love reading books better, it can be my next option!I do like the dresses she wears but looks like it will over withraw my bank account, and most of all, I'd like to take the lines: "Dhee-Ghee is only 31, but she's dressing like a middle-aged (or even an older) woman trying to feel young again."