October 3, 2010

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2011 RTW

So many collections, so little time!  As Paris Fashion Week continues to churn out to-die-for collections, I'm falling hopelessly behind.  But Christian Dior is always a treat, and I never miss the chance to see what John Galliano has been up to, especially after his last euphoric couture collection.  For Spring/Summer 2011, Galliano took us on a cruise.  It started off with a playful incorporation of masculine pieces.  You can just imagine the women stealing the parkas and jackets from the captain of the ship.
As the sun continued to shine (you'll notice the runway darkens as night falls), bright Hawaiian-inspired dresses floated down.
As night finally came, models came out in sheer tropical-coloured silk dresses with dangling flowers.
Galliano never fails to take us on a trip, whether it's through a film noir, the equestrian country-side, or in this case, the glamourous life of a playful sailorette.  I'm already looking forward to my next trip.

Watch the entire show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evB3ilsudZY

Image Source: Style.com

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  1. I LOVE this collection from head to toe. Sometimes I find the make up/hair don't follow suit - but this the bombshell look is fantastic!!! Paired with the sailor caps, sunglasses, bold colors and cuts really takes this classic look and gives it a modern twist

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