October 22, 2010

Jimmy Choo & UGG

This isn't new news, and I think a lot of us know about the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and UGG, but since yesterday was the launch event at the Holt Renfrew in my area, I thought I'd touch on it.

First of all, Jimmy Choo and UGG??  Have you ever heard of a more incompatible match?  Jimmy Choo is sexy, and UGG is, well, not.  You should probably know that I am a vehement critic of UGG.  They may be comfy, but the last thing I want is a marshmallow encasing my feet.  And I've seen way too many people walking on the sides of their UGG boots for me to really think good of UGGs.  Sorry ladies, UGGs are UGGly!  But anyway, let's take a look at the collection:

The studs, animal print, and fringe all slapped onto UGG's classic boot is making this to be one disastrous collection.  Jimmy Choo, word of advice: UGG is never worth your time.

Image Source: UGG & Jimmy Choo


  1. I saw a picture of Paris Hilton wearing these which is all the endorsement I need to never ever buy that product!

  2. I love Ugg, they are so confortable and warm... I like the first pair! Really nice!

  3. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... not much else to say!

    Match made in hell. Ewwww

  4. Such a strange fashion pairing. I don't like them at all....!


  5. I agree. Fuck UGG boots and fuck Jimmy Choo after this.
    UGG is never worth anyones time.
    Stay in touch,
    Fashion Ranger

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I want the fist, the third, and the fifth ones.... hahahah better alll of them!!

    thanks for comment :)


  7. I truly hate this collection and I think that's crazy to pay 835 euros for a pair of Ugg.... SOmetimes the designer loose their head...I love Tamara's crations but in this case I totally hate the idea of the collaboration between the two brands and also the results!


  8. Hmm I dont like Uggs but I see why people like them. They are warm, comfy ...but they do nothing to your look. They are for very young people not for people +30.

    Loving your post dear. Justyna xx

  9. Those are just gross.
    I'm not an Ugg lover, or event an Ugg liker. But those are tacky even for Ugg.

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to getting to know your blog more =)

  10. I will never be okay with them.

    Love Grace.

  11. This was the craziest collab ever!

  12. @Shannon: Agreed! Paris Hilton shows us what NOT
    to wear.

    @Fashion Ranger: LOVE the way you put it!

  13. amazing boots. i want them. thanks for the lovely comments. x

  14. yees I heard about this, this is such a great collaboration!! (a little too pricey for me unfortunately :s ) Great blog, I'm glad I found you :D


    hope you come visit/follow me?:)

  15. i agree that the collaboration is a strange mix. i prefer my plain uggies... they only come out a few times a year when im reaaaaally not bothered (like when it's time of the month) haha

    mynamenecklace can customise the necklace for you with your own name :) cause my name is hard to find as well. so finally i have something with my own unique name :)


  16. I'm not a fan of Jimmy Choo or UGGs so you can imagine how blah I find all of this. I generally find Choo's to be a tad tacky and not fond of the UGG shape. I think what gets me most about this collab is how they'll charge crazy prices for a cheap shoe, just because of a few studs and leopard prints.

  17. Badness! Ugg says it all! Uggly!
    Ps ur on my blogroll!!!

  18. @Those who like UGGs: I love hearing from the other side! I always enjoy a good discussion. Hopefully some of you will be able to get your hands on these boots!

    @E and Haute World: Yes, the price for UGGs does seem too high.

    @Cupcake: Thank you! I might not be official followers of other blogs, but I do follow!

  19. Totally in agreement with you, not a fan!
    Thanks for comments:) x


  20. Love the bling!!thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!I am now following you!