October 21, 2010

Model vs. Celebrity

Model vs. celebrity: who are you cheering for?  Me, I'll always cheer for the model.  While some people may rush to snag a copy of a magazine with their favourite celebrity on the cover, I always smile when I see a model on the cover of a fashion magazine.  It is, after all, a fashion magazine.
It's undoubtable that the fashion and movie/music industries depend on each other (see: the Oscars and Lady Gaga) and it's not to say that there aren't respectful, fashionable celebrities, but I just find that models embody what fashion is really about more so than celebrities.  You won't find me obsessing over what the latest red carpet fashion is, or what a certain celebrity has worn to the mall.  I much rather check out what models nowadays are wearing off-duty after shows.
It was almost impossible to find a cover of Elle from 2010 that didn't feature a celebrity, and so I had to show a cover from Elle Canada.  As you can see, a celebrity was used even on Elle's 25th anniversary issue.  Extremely disappointed in you Elle...
All I ask is that fashion magazines use models for their covers more often.  We see enough of celebrities on gossip magazines and television as it is.  I want our models back!  We all know they rock the covers better than anyone else.  Give the models a chance to be where they were meant to be.

Image Source: Harper's Bazaar, Fashion, Elle, Elle Canada, Vogue


  1. Really interesting post and totally agree. While I like to see certain celebs looking fabulous in the non-gossip magazine (because I dont buy the gossip ones) I agree that it is a whole other level of glamour and fashion when its a model selling the magazine. Especially on the cover.


  2. model definitely. and always sjp!!! X

  3. and isnt greek food just the bestttt! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. You reminded me that I have to buy the cosmopolitan! Nice post!

  5. I miss seeing more models on magazines!

  6. That is def the trend. I'm sure it sells more mags.
    new follower here - come follow me too and we'll stay in touch

  7. i like how they switch from one to the other. and vary.
    i agree about models off duty styles being so inspirational.
    have a great weekend dear

  8. Interesting point of view...I read some days ago the point of view of Franca Sozzani and she almost told the same in her blog :)


  9. I far prefer seeing models on the cover of magazines. Sometimes they may be unfamiliar faces; but I find them far more inviting than celebrities!! :)

  10. I go for model - unless it's mk i love her :D


  11. I'd also go for model. They are fascinating. After all, it's seems that they were made to be on magazine covers!

    But I have to agree with Analia here, if we talk about the Olsen twins, they win anyway =D

  12. Glad a lot of you agree! Celebrities probably do sell more copies, but I know I'd snatch up any magazine with Gisele on the cover.

    @E: That's great! Vogue Italia has some of the best covers, and they use models!

  13. hmm.. this is interesting. This also depends on what ur definition of a "celebrity" is.

  14. @Brenda: True, "celebrity" might be a bit iffy, but I think the majority of us know who's a model, and who's not. That distinction is quite obvious.

  15. True! Dont get me wrong we love them in movies/music etc but there are so many amazing models out there! famous faces sells the magz and some people would buy it purely because they like that person on the cover...

    Justyna xx