October 13, 2010

Model for a Day

Yesterday, I became a model.  Not a real one, but close enough.  I had my graduation portraits taken yesterday, and it was the closest I have ever been to having a modeling experience.

All in all, I was on a natural high throughout the entire "photoshoot", let's call it.  The photographer was nice, creative and was truly interested in getting a good photo.  For once, I actually felt confident about my poses, my smile...everything.  Strangely enough, I only had a bit of lipstick on and a light dusting of powder (which is more than I usually have!), but I genuinely felt  beautiful.  Whether I actually was is up for debate, but being in front of the camera takes all those concerns away.  Looking good isn't such a big deal when you're having that much fun.  

As well, I was asked to bring in a prop that represented who I am, and of course, I instantly thought of fashion.  So I brought in an issue of Flare magazine, with Coco Rocha (my favourite model) on the cover.  I had some great, creative shots with it.

It's funny how being in front of a camera is actually one of the greatest ways to gain confidence.  If some of you don't already, I say: get your photographer friends to click away at you!  Even if the photos don't turn out well, you'll come away with one amazing experience.  We can all be models for a day.

Image Source: Flare.com, Flare Cover


  1. I totally agree with everyone being a model for a day. i myself make my little cousin take my photos for me. that way i'm more comfortable and end up having alot of fun. hope your school pictures turned out great and your blog is fantastic, definitely coming back for more


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  5. Love it!! Amazing posts!!

  6. =P I'll do ur makeup for grad =D, tho in my opinion I always find that less is more, like one should try to enhance what beauty already exists, not erase everything and start from scratch.

  7. @Brenda: Haha Brenda, always the makeup maniac! Thanks, but I think I've got this one covered. :)