October 2, 2010

The Skinny on Beauty

While I was going through the October issue of Flare today, I came across a letter to the editor that was disheartening.  With the return of the voluptuous woman this season, a woman had written to Flare congratulating them on using a curvy model, and had said "Men will always want curvy women".  You may read that and think I'm crazy for calling it disheartening, but you must know that I have always been naturally slim my entire life.  I fit a double zero, and am the farthest thing from curvy (but I do, mind you, eat).  Have we, in the quest to encourage curvy women to embrace themselves, resulted in portraying slimmer women as undesirable?
I would say yes.  Whenever fashion magazines use plus-sized models, you'll find a flood of women thanking them for using "real, beautiful women", as opposed to "stick-thin models".  Being skinny nowadays has so many bad connotations.  Voluptuous women are "beautiful", and slimmer women are now being viewed as "not real".  I hate that I am suddenly being insulted for being skinny; for being myself.  Really, who wants to be compared to a stick, or to a pile of skin and bones?  Not me.  What ever happened to using words such as slender or slim?
There is no doubt that society has made women want to be thin.  My friend used to call me skinny all the time, and when I voiced my dislike of being constantly reminded of my size, he stared blankly at me and said, "Don't girls like being called skinny?".  So yes, media has made us believe that being skinny is good, but there is also a growing number of women who scorn the idea of it. 
Now before you attack me, I do think beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and I am in no way promoting being underweight (or overweight for that matter) to the point where health is concerned.  Curvy women are beautiful, and the image of beauty in society should most definitely extend to include them.  But the process of expanding society's view of beauty should not consist of speaking badly of slimmer women.  After all, aren't we striving for the acceptance of all types of women?  I may be biased, because I myself am so slim, but I think I deserve to be considered just as real, beautiful and desirable as any other woman.

Image Source: Flare.com, Style.com


  1. I remember being considered "skinny" as a teenager. In my twenties, I was "thin." It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I ever had to think about what I ate. Now at sixty, there are extra pounds I couldn't get rid of unless I drastically cut the amount I eat and added lots of exercise. But my weight is healthy so I enjoy things instead and truly don't worry so much about how I look to others. Do I envy teenage girls like you who can eat and stay slim? Not really, because I was there once. Do I think some models are too thin--when I see 125 lbs and 6 foot, of course that's too thin. I remember being 115 and 5'10" and that was because I'd just come out of the hospital!

  2. I am very glad that you are happy with your weight, and I really hope that a lot more people see things as you do. Not to mention, I'm glad you don't envy me! Being what is best for your body and health is always the most important.

    And yes, there are models that are too thin, but there are some models that are ridiculed for being the size that their body has been born to be, and this is where I can sympathize.

  3. I hate the "real woman" bullshizz.

  4. Wendy, I think we, on some level, have the same opinion on this, although I would put it more...eloquently. :)

    Real women are exactly that: real women. Not women who are size 8 and above. It's women who are size 00-16.

  5. to Dante's Inferno with what society thinks.

  6. I am sorry you feel that way girl. I understand what you mean tho. I think they call them
    "real" because some thin girls don't have the female coke bottle form/marilyn monroe form whatever you wanna call it. It's all on taste really. I have only had the pleasure of dating very thin girls, I find small breast and waists adorable. I think thin girls get away with more fashion choices that I do. I have big boobs and I feel like I'm spilling out of everything. If you like your size fuck everyone else. Take that to the bank!

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  7. It's good to hear that at least some people don't find thinner girls unattractive. Yes, there are more fashion choices, but there are times when I just wish things didn't always hang on me. Ah well!

  8. LOL yea I know what u mean, many a store is only exclusive to the traditional sizes (s,m,l) and it makes me happy to see that there are some "petite" stores too.