October 8, 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011 RTW

I was almost blinded by Louis Vuitton's collection for Spring/Summer 2011.  Good thing I wasn't, or else I would have missed indulging in the sparkly, shiny pieces that obviously had an oriental influence.  Although a tiny bit of me wanted Marc Jacobs to produce another ladylike collection, I knew he wouldn't.  But what he did do was just as exciting.  The first part of the show consisted of Chinese dresses, suits and coats (complete with fans):
Then the oriental influence was toned down, and a myriad of bright and deep, sensual colour came out.  As you'll see, everything had a slight shimmer or shine to it.
Almost seamlessly, without me even noticing, Marc started mirroring the three tigers that he placed at the back of the runway.
There was even a panda thrown in for that bit of Jacobs humour, but which also reminded us of the oriental influence from the beginning:
Marc Jacobs is not known for sticking to one idea, and it showed in this collection.  This collection was a complete 180 from his ladylike Fall collection, and his Fall collection was a complete 180 from his sporty Spring 2010 collection.  Then again...not really, because that would make 360, and this collection was nothing like the collection for last spring.  Marc has forced the mathematicians of the world to refine the definition of a circle, and if you ask me, that's talent.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com

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  1. very good comment and the alst pic is amazing, you chose a different pic respect to the other blogs (also mine...) and this is so interesting!!!