October 19, 2010

You want Socks with that?

If you were to suggest wearing socks with heels a couple of seasons ago, I would have laughed at you.  But now, seeing as more and more fashionable women are trying it out (fashionable men do the opposite and wear no socks), I might even consider it.  Might.

Burberry got this trend right back in Spring/Summer 2010, but I've seen this trend go horribly wrong (never acquaint your white tennis socks with your pointy-toed Prada pumps.  Never.) and I'm still not completely ready to embrace this trend.  Below are two women snapped by The Sartorialist who have embraced this trend:

I commend both women for pulling on a pair of socks before leaving the house, but I think the woman in the first photo could have done without them.  There doesn't quite seem to be rules with this trend; it's basically wear what you think will work.  And sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

For those of us who aren't fashion industry people, a safe choice is tone on tone.  But if you look at yourself in the mirror, and your socks work well with your outfit, then I'd say you're safe to walk outside! 

Image Source: Style.com, Sea of Shoes


  1. I am loving the socks and heels trend, although I haven't worn it yet. But I think that it looks really cute :D


  2. im kinda lovin the sock in heel trends but i have yet to try it! and my god, that photo with those tie dye socks are hideous!!! Fashion no no!!! lol



  3. It came to my surprise as well, didn't know gold could look that subtle.
    I wear socks with heels though. Albeit tricky but lovable if matched properly.

  4. I don't like the match between socks and heels..:However, on the catwalk it could work but on the streets or in the "normal" life it will result ridicoulous and so useless... But this is only my opinion!!


  5. I know what you mean, it's really beginning to become an attractive look but I just don't think I would be able to pull it off!

    Thanks for your lovely comments, would love you to follow. Great blog, am now following.


  6. This look is really faltering on some. I would definitely have to do so experimenting to wear this look because I am short and I don't want to make myself look shorter. Very cute look.


  7. What a nice blog! Tahns you for your lovely comment! I'm folloeing you now, please follow back! Kiss

  8. Oh I love this trend!
    Plus it means you can wear a peeptoe in colder weather without fear of frostbite ;)

  9. I really do hate this sock-trend! I think it looks so much better without socks!
    Fashion Ranger

  10. I tried that trend once and it was a bad choice for me! But I see some girls can choose really good pairs of socks like lace or printed ones with cute shoes and it looks amazing! xoxoxoxoo

  11. haha yea you're right!
    I think I should also chnage the concept of my blog, cuz I want it to differ from others
    I'll work on it

    Anyway, I love you blog <3

  12. this style completely brings all kinds of shoes to a whole new level. fantastic trend.

  13. Im not sure about the socks


  14. Some people can definitely pull it off!

  15. i know i'm still so conflicted about the socks with the heels things, like not ready for it yet LOL

  16. I am just about to do a post on the same thing but love the photos you chose. But I agree, sometimes it works and sometimes it really doesn't. Personally there is no way I could pull it off!!!


  17. Oh, I am so ahead of this trend. Been doing it for years because so many trendy shoes are just too darn big on me without fairly thick socks, or just when I want to wear dressy shoes in cooler weather.

  18. I have loved this trend! I'm glad it's finally here. I have sported cute socks with heels regardless of what ppl say. If I feel cute it's awesome :D


  19. I love this! This trend is practically divided between those who love it, those who hate it, and those who are iffy. I say if you can make it work, work it!

    @redumbrella: I'll be looking forward to reading your take on this trend!

  20. I agree with you on the first one but the shoes are cool!