October 10, 2010

Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2011 RTW

We've been seeing a lot of menswear inspired clothing these past few seasons, but we've never seen anything like what Viktor & Rolf gave us for Spring/Summer 2011.  This was menswear taken literally and artistically to the max. 
The main focus of the show was to take basic menswear and turn it into something undeniably feminine and sexy.  Shirt cuffs were enlarged to adorn whimsically coloured shirt-dresses, and basic button-down shirts were elongated.
Then came what I saw as a strange cat-fight between menswear and womenswear.  Sometimes, an outfit was feminine, but if you looked closer, it seemed more masculine, and vice versa...it's difficult to explain.  I call it a cat-fight because the dresses were slashed and divided.
For a stunning end to the show, the man's shirt from the beginning was blown up to exaggeratedly large proportions.
Bryan Boy described that last dress as Lady Gaga's wedding dress, and I wouldn't be surprised if she comes out one day wearing it.  Although this collection is far from wearable, I doubt anyone will ever look at menswear the same again.

Watch the entire show here.

Image Source: Style.com


  1. The last dress is so "V&R"...i agree that this isn't a "wearable" show but I think that is beautiful that some designer make something so far from wearable...And, for me, V&R made a wonderful show that expresses a lot of research inf ashion...


  2. I absolutely adore this. Thank you for the post. Come visit us too, soon. Take care.

  3. I adore this collection, I heart Viktor and Rolf completely! This guys got imagination like nobody.

  4. To me those dresses are for show of what the designer can do.
    I see you're just getting started, so welcome to blogger!

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog! The Viktor and Rolf collection is amazing! I love the light airy and metallic material throughout the collection. I can't wait until Spring!

  6. Great post on Viktor & Rolf.
    Agreed with everything you mentioned above.

    Jose C.